Aaargh was getting ready to go to pool, and then I read something that ticked me off…

I’d be lying if I typed that I’m not paying attention to the news, or not worried about this latest rash of terrorist attacks.  Of course I’m bothered by it all, and of course I worry about where this will all lead.  This time next week I’ll be packing my suitcase for another trip into another predominantly Muslim area, and while I’m not losing sleep over whether or not my friends and I might be targets, I am losing sleep over the state of our world and its bigotry/idiocracy.

I’m outraged by any human being who thinks it’s okay to slaughter other human beings in the name of their perceived God or higher calling; I’m sickened by those who pontificate the same sort of shit from their keyboards or political platforms.  An American-Muslim friend of mine said she doesn’t consider ISIS (or better yet let’s get that whole Islamic State out of their name and call them douche — I like it better than daesh) Muslim.  They are not what her faith or her people represent.  I say the same for any authority figure —— politician, businessman, clergyman —- in America who spews anti-people vitriol.  They are not America.  They do not represent what my country’s doctrine represents.  Deep within my heart of hearts I have to believe that the majority of Americans do not think this way.  I have to hold on to hope that the majority of the world does not think this way.  Because if they do, then the terrorists aren’t who we should fear.

I cannot believe I live in a time where I can watch movies on my phone and have my car tell me where to go, only to scan headlines where alleged leaders cater to a twisted version of playground politics.  Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me.  That’s the lie:  its our words that are killing us.  They lead to more fear and more hate, which feeds into “their” (insert enemy of choice here) fear and hate.  Can’t we do better than this?

I’m not naive.  I know wars need to be fought.  I know, unfortunately, bloodshed will need to happen to prevent more bloodshed.  I know more of our young people around the world will have to do the very adult thing of fighting these wars.  I don’t know what to do about the Syrian refuge crisis.  Of course there are douches imbedded with some of these camps, but oh my goodness so are countless good human souls. There are douches of all sorts imbedded in all forms of our societies.  Do we give up on the good just because of the few, or do we use our damned intellect and figure a way to weed out who needs to be weeded —- and do we figure out how to do that without giving in to our prejudices?

I don’t know how we afford to feed and house and provide some sort of peace for so many who can no longer go home —- and not just Syrians, but so many others who also face a violence and fear most of us, thankfully (and hopefully), will never know. Some of those people are our own living and dying within our own borders.

There’s so much I don’t know, but what I do know is the older I get the more primitive my world seems to become.  Or, maybe it’s just my country’s handling of it.  Forgive me for connecting my world view with my country view —- I am American after all, and we sometimes do that.  But, that’s also not always a bad thing.  We have so much good to offer as well —- seriously, I know many of you in other parts of the world may not see this, but we are also a giving and loving people.  Why oh why are we letting our uglies get center stage?

I try very hard to not publicly post political comments because the dialogue that tends to take place usually doesn’t solve anything, but today I’m posting my version of a war.  It’s my war against hateful words.  We can’t stop the media from focusing on the bullshit, but we can stop ourselves.  Let’s not give credence to the fools who say hateful things that pull us back.  Instead, let’s start posting our solutions or sharing things that might make sense —- even if they don’t align with our normal political or religious affiliations. If we take out our own biases we might just come up with something that works versus tearing us apart.  Yeah, I know haters are still gonna hate, BUT WE don’t have to.


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