In this lil corner of the globe…


We’re all stuffed and thankful for another year of bonding with folk from all over the world.  My lovely neighbors and I had our second Thanksgiving party where we all share a little bit of where we come from while thanking the powers that be for our time here.  Our Thanksgiving buffet included all the normal stuff (except cranberry sauce — we forgot about that one) plus European, Asian, Indian, and Arabic foods.  Above is just one of the tables of food in the hallway — there were four, plus all the stuff we had in our apartments.

The weekend prior we threw a baby shower for a friend, and the weekend after next we’ll celebrate Ashley’s birthday.  At all of these events you’ll see people from different faiths and cultures laughing, dancing and loving life together. When we talk politics it isn’t about this politician versus that politician; it’s about how we move on from the nastiness that takes place within all of our borders, and how we wish normal folk were running the world, so there’d be more people breaking bread than ruining lives.

Random party shot in Ashley’s living room; women bonding over crafts and chocolate in my living room — kitchens and living rooms are totally where global decisions should be made.

We’re all also extra cheery right now because this is the time of year where  everything gets just a little bit easier.  Many of us are traveling next week since we get 5 days off for National Day, and then two weeks after that we teachers are on a two-week Winter Break.

Our students have finished off their trimester projects and wowed us with their presentations.  Mine held a career fair, and I was so very proud of each and every one of them.  Teenagers — everywhere — continue to give me hope … even when they’re driving me crazy.

It’s now dinner time on my version of a Sunday, so time for me to warm up some leftovers and watch the moon rise from my balcony — oh AND appreciate all the National Day lights and decorations.  The medical center right next to my balcony has blinged out with a humungous flag and star lights: makes sipping tea or grape juice even more fun.

Until the next time, sending you lots of love and warm wishes from my laptop to yours.




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