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Missing my baby’s baby (and my babies)

Oh how I miss this monster and his passion for frites!

Pairi Daiza, is an amazing zoo not too far from where I live, so Joe and I bought season passes to it. Once a week I walk it after work with friends. Of course we brought Torin to it when he and his mom visited us a few weeks ago. Today, I decided to give it a stroll and soooooo missed my little buddy. Oh my goodness he loved it here. He pretty much loved everywhere we brought him: a train museum in Brussels, a day in the Ardennes and an old abby, a transportation museum in Germany, several cities and villages in Germany’s Black Forest (including a hike that included snow, which, of course he loved!), and a castle tour in Luxembourg.

The first week they were here, I was still working, but oh my goodness I loved coming home to his “Oma, you’re home!’ And then we’d play a bit, he’d help me cook dinner, and then tv/bed time. I so hope he remembers these visits and how much he is adored by his mother’s parents. My neighbors downstairs, however, must be glad to no longer hear the pounding of his feet as he runs from one end of the apartment to the other. Who knew tiny feet could hit the ground so hard.

I loved showing off some of Germany, Luxembourg, the Alsace region in France and Belgium to him and Kaylene. I loved our family time at night and in the mornings even more.

Most of all I loved his crawling into my bed in the morning to watch me watch him — and snuggle and beat me up.

It is my hope this child grows to be in continuous awe of this world, and that he goes forth and discovers so much more — with, of course, a lot more memorable family trips in the near future.

The absolute most difficult part about living overseas is being so darn far from my children and their growing families. But, my kids assure me that they too dig the places I live, especially when they get to visit, and that it’s only a few more years of this life, and then I’ll be back to spoiling the next generation of my clan while embracing the adults my children have become.

Until then I have a few more adventures and discoveries of my own to make. I’m still growing and learning too, so it’s time for me to make some tea and inhale my time here while it lasts.

And enjoy the views from my current window.

And break down and buy a new phone, so that I can take my own pictures versus depending on shots from everyone else. The few photos on this post taken by me were via Whatsapp camera. The rest are pics from either Kaylene or Joe.

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