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A time to heal…

Celebrating all souls in a church in Turnout

Well it’s my last day of a one-week break. We’re in the midst of our second lockdown, so we couldn’t leave the country. That said we did explore more of Belgium. Luckily this lockdown allows us to travel within our own borders, just as long as we mask up and social distance. So, for a few days, we booked a cabin within walking distance of a town called Beerse and ventured off onto all sorts of nature walks. We explored forest trails, Beerse and Turnout. We wanted to drive into the town that has the Belgium/Netherlands border going through it, but we would have had to drive across the border to do so. We’ll save that for another time.

On the one hand it’s nice to stroll through cities without crowds of people, on the other it’s not the same without hydrating at local cafes. We made tasty meals in our cabin and feasted in front of a fireplace — all very cool — but sometimes you do want to just eat and drink out. That said there were all sorts of vending machines out and about where you could get anything from fresh-baked bread to I-kid-you-not Tiramisu.

I’ve basically spent the week eating, sipping, exploring, reading, watching movies, shows, and, of course, hello? the election. A sigh of relief it is done (and that my vote was counted). May we heed the new president’s words and heal together. Please let these last weeks of this shitty year end peacefully.

As for Covid, it still sucks, but our numbers seem to be stabilizing in Belgium. I go back to school tomorrow, but the kids will see me virtually. The latest news we received has them learning online all of next week. We’re expected to go back to face-to-face teaching on Nov 16.

It’s all good, I have some interesting literature selections geared up for them. Hopefully, the kids, I, you will all get the chance to reflect and grow forward with our spiritual, emotional and physical selves.

Our holiday season is getting ready to kick off without any Christmas markets, large (or small for that matter) gatherings, festivals, restaurants, pubs, face-to-face Christmas shopping, or trips. But, that’s okay. We’ll make the best out of what we do have, and on the days when it feels too much to handle we’ll do stuff like take walks, inhale and remember life is bigger than what we think we need.

And its treasures are always just right there for us to enjoy. This one is in one of Mons parks.

So, the only travel I’m doing is imaginary, but I am also so blessed to live where there is always something magical to bump into. I’m also so damned happy that I love to read and write as well — and that I have the time and means to do so comfortably.

So, come on holiday season. Covid isn’t going to rob us of good tidings and cheer — we’ll just adjust and learn to do it differently for now.

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