And this is how it began…

DSC00441 Life is always crazily busy, but sometimes it’s over the top.  Some times you gotta tell yourself to just stop  and listen to YOU — not your bills, not your boss, not your loved ones, not your whomever is telling you what to do.

One day I realized I just needed to stop lassoing my tornado of to-dos and alleged responsibilities and figure out what and where I wanted to be corraling tornadoes next.  Long story short I finally clicked submit on posting overseas applications.

I chose to apply through

I’ve also placed an application with DODEA, but so many people apply it’s hard to get noticed (lol If any hiring principals just happen to be on this page, I swear I’m as dedicated to my students as I am my travels, and I’m a great collaborater).  Update:  um, turns out I did eventually end up getting hired by DODEA (whoop whoop it’s possible!)  

Another organization I’ve thought about using (because it’s been highly recommended) is    I chose not to use them yet because of their fee, however, they’re still on my list of possibilities if TeachAway doesn’t work out for me.

I’ve also read blogs from teachers who’ve used and  But, I’ve never interacted with them.

Two other agencies I’ve heard good things about are Search Associates and TeacherHorizons.

I went with TeachAway because I’ve read a lot about them, and, well, that’s the one fate had me click on, and it worked for me.

If you’re scrolling through my blog trying to learn more about what applying is like, all blog posts dated January 2014 through August 2014 should be helpful.

Posts from late August 2014 to summer 2017 give you a taste of what life in the UAE is like, BUT it’s from my perspective.  We each have our own view.  August 2017 on gives you a taste of what living in Belgium is like — again from my perspective.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading about some of my adventures as much as I enjoy living them.  Thanks for scrolling along.

  1. And a note on the authorization process. I paid for ProEx (an option for Americans) to do everything for me, and I’m glad I did. That said several people I know went ahead and had their paperwork notarized at the state level and then had ProEx do the rest. This saved quite a bit of money, and they’re happy with the results. I rushed to get my papers authorized before my in-person interview, but many waited until after they got the job offer. I don’t know if I did myself a favor doing it first, but I’ve read that all the new-hire paperwork goes in at about the same time. Soooo, as long as you get your paperwork in by say early April, it should be good. That said, I’m still happy I did mine the way I did it. We’ll find out in August if I”m one of the first to go over, or one of the unlucky ones.


  2. For those of you reading this because you want to do something similar I highly recommend TeachAway and their suggested vendors. This is a huge decision, and there’s a lot of work that goes into it. If you follow their advice it goes along a whole lot smoother. I’m not yet overseas, so we’ll see how that goes, but as for connecting me to my new employer (holy hell they’re hiring me!) they did it all and were completely honest with me about everything. I’m really glad I went through them.


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