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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Photo by Leslie Shinaver — if Santa gives me a new iPhone for Christmas I could start snapping away again!  Shhh he doesn’t need to know I’m too lazy to whip out the Nikon.
More photos by Leslie.  Xmas market in Mons —- and yes I look like a gremlin while she’s rocking the eskimo look.

First off … IT’S SNOWING REAL SNOW!!!!  This might not be big news to most of you, but to me it’s Miracle On November 11 street!  I’ve lived in a desert for the past 17 years.  I almost killed myself jumping out of bed to run out to my balcony to catch flakes.  I hope it keeps snowing and snowing and snowing, but, um not enough to mess me up driving to work tomorrow — unless, of course, it brings my first-ever snow day.  I’ve been told not to hold my breath on that one, but a girl can dream.  Whoop whoop it’s snowing and it’s Christmasy, and I have lots of food and wine, and, and lol I’m a happy girl.  Okay on to  updating le life in Belgium.

My apartment is looking fashionably cozy, but I haven’t had much time to snuggle up amongst the candles and faux fur blankies.  I’ve been busy, busy, busy having fun.  The past two weekends I spent with friends in Waterloo — feasting, sipping, brocante (flea market) shopping, brewery touring, Christmas marketing.

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Some apartment shots for you to show that yes, my life is real here … it’s all coming together!

I also joined friends for a day in the Flanders region, sipping/buying Trappist beer and then touring a lovely Flanders winery (bought some of that too!).  LOL I’ve turned my dishwasher into a wine cabinet.  Easy access until Joe arrives, and then it’ll revert to its original purpose.  Guess I just need to find me a nifty wine cabinet in one of the many brocantes I plan on visiting.


Baby wine hibernating in Flanders…

As for Joe arriving, we have a date.  LOL Badger’s ticket got booked first — with ‘kennel club’ access — and then Joe (with squished economy seat club access).  My buddha bellied, snoring, luv muffins arrive 9 a.m. February 12.  That is just nine weeks away!

This time next week my buddha bellied self will be in Phoenix with all of my luv muffins. So, again I’ve got lots to be happy about.  This year is winding down quickly.

OOOHhhhh and I totally forgot to mention that — drum roll please …..  I’m finally posting all of this on my own, personal wifi.  Fourth time is a charm!  I have internet, cable and a land line phone (which I can use to call home in the evenings).  Whoop!  whoop.  I’ve also been driving my own car for two weeks.  I’m all legit now and in two months I’ll no longer be doing it solo.

I’ve got friends coming over later, so I probably should stop goofing off on my comfy chair and, you know, clean and cook for company.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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More Belgian sites and holiday cheer.  I swear one day I’ll get better at organising pics for you …


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