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Adieu 2020 et Bienvenue…

Just a few more days and this year will finally be in our past. I think we’re all ready for the new to hurry up and get here.

We’ve made the best out of it as much as we could, but not being able to leave Belgium has made me very homesick. That said, if I’m going to be stuck in a country not my own, I’m still happy to be in this one. We’ve done a few cottage trips, which is always awesome, and we’ve explored hiking trails and towns we’ve never heard of before — all beautiful and each with its own distinct personality. Belgium is totally underrated as a travel destination, which I think pre Covid Belgians were totally okay with that. Now, I bet tourism dollars would be most welcome.

A glimpse of some of our new friends we’ve made along the way, lol including the babies of Zeebrugge a port town not too far from Brugge. Sadly my iPhone camera is still shot, so it’s just not as much fun snapping photos with Joe’s phone or my Whatsapp.

Luckily the shops opened a few weeks before Christmas, but bars, restaurants and places like salons are all still closed, and are rumored to remain that way until February or later. Oh how I miss eating cheese with celery salt and sipping beers at a cafe’ or in an old woodsy pub. I miss looking human as well — lol cannot tell you when the last time I had my eye brows done. My hair is a whole other story as well.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Mons has done its best to keep things controlled but festive. The Grand Place is magical.

The Belfry is no longer lit up, but it was beautiful alternating between rainbow colors and a pink glow. It went dark a night or two before Christmas. I don’t know why. We figured it was to prevent crowds from coming here, but then why keep the Grand Place lit? Who knows? We still have a 10 p.m. curfew, and no parties are allowed — steep fines for anyone caught doing so. We’re allowed only one friend over, but again we’ve made the best of it — video chats help, but after awhile they’re also just a reminder of all the socializing we all miss so so much.

We also did our part to keep our home magical and Christmassy, which I could keep doing all year long. I don’t know who began the trend of Christmas lights and decorations, but God Bless them! A girl can’t remain down with all this color and warmth around her.

I’ve also taken advantage of the gloomy weather and snuggled in our back balcony room with a good book. Some tea (or wine), a blankie, and the balcony view makes reading all the more pleasurable.

I’ll never tire of this view, and I will one day miss it terribly.

So, as usual, I really can’t complain. The kids, Joe and I are all still sane and healthy. I’m well fed, well paid, well housed and well loved, so while I am a little blue, I am also so grateful to yet again be one of the lucky ones.

We did have to say good bye to our neighbor and close friend, Belgium family member, Chris. A true negative to the expat life is that none of us is meant to stay overseas forever. We build a family here, but we all leave eventually. Of course on the bright side of things, we have that many more people to visit around the world. So, chances are we’ll get to see Chris this summer when we fly home to visit the rest of our family (born into and chosen!). OMG and how I cannot wait to hug all my loved ones back home.

And it’ll be warmer!

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