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Merry Christmas!

It’s been a busy month getting festive with friends and Christmas markets. I’ve not had time to pop in and show you the Christmas markets in Brussels, Mons, Aachen, Durbuy and Brugge. So here’s a quick blast of some of it.

Aaron got here on the 16th, and Kaylene and her family arrived a week later, so we’re inhaling time with two of the kids — and the grandbaby!

Mama bear and two of her cubs

lol the child is an artist with his food

my baby working her art

It’s Christmas morning and everyone is still all snuggled up in their beds, while I slowly wake in my big yellow chair. It’s good to have my children here.  I wish Kyle and Kendra were here as well, but we’ll all do Christmas together in Arizona next year.

Tomorrow we do a family road trip to Normandy where we’ve rented a lovely farmhouse.  I can’t wait to sip wine in front of its fireplace.  So, all is well with my world.  The next time I post it will be 2020 (unless I manage to fit in some time to write before then), so here’s a very Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!  May you all have some blessed quiet time and a little bit of chaos with your loved ones.

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