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After fiesta I soooo need lots of siesta…

Flew into San Antonio for the weekend to play with some friends.  Of course we had a wonderful time.  Bummer I won’t be able to go next year, but Joe is going and will raise a margarita or two for me.  We flew home late last night, and I’m exhausted.  Too tired to work or write really, but I’m at work and writing in here to, hopefully, perk/wake me up.  I’ve too much to do!  And, it’s not working, so I’ll just post a link to my latest blog entry at Teach UAE magazine — it’s all about how much fun I’m having shopping this year (and, yes, I am wearing one of my new maxi dresses today):


Happy Easter!


I just finished cleaning up and getting the house ready for Easter.  Because I’m not going to be here next year I asked the family what they’d like for dinner this year.  So, instead of ham we’re having crab legs and steak — they obviously haven’t considered the fact that I’m still on my American salary!  It’s beautiful outside, so I can’t wait for Kaylene and Kelly to get here, so that we can begin the egg coloring and feasting.  I would complain about having to work tomorrow, but next year I’ll be working on Easter, so I’ll shush on that.  I have nothing much to add for this week’s news other than I truly am cherishing every minute I have.  Knowing that I will be far away from my loved ones is a gift because it’s making my time with them that much more special.  On the flip side of it all when I’m ticked at the lazy buggers for not picking up after themselves I cling to the fact that in a few months it’ll be just me and my pristine apartment. I’m not a religious person, but I surely am grateful for the blessed life I’ve been given.  If anyone is reading this it’s my hope that you too are enjoying the joys and love in your life.  I think any god in any religion would agree that’s a pretty damned good way to celebrate any holiday.  So Happy Whatever You Worship day!

On the negative side

One of the things you read about, and that we should all worry about, is running.  Some people end up in schools/communities they cannot adapt to.  Not everyone wants you there, and we all know how much any of us hates to be alienated.  Some folk run.  They leave everything there and just go home without notice.  This is not what any of us wants to do, but some of us end up doing it.  I wrote a blog about it for Teach UAE magazine.  I’ll post the link in just a second, but I do want to stress first that my intent was not to bastardize runners.  It’s just my thoughts on it and my big move.   I don’t intend on breaking my contract because it does hurt more than just myself, but I’m not in the situation any runner has been in, so I am not speaking for or about them, just about how I process and prepare based on what I know of the whole thing.  make sense?

Here’s the link:


How much longer?

I’m only posting because, for some reason, when I created this blog I set a weekly posting goal for myself.  I guess I was hoping this would force me to keep on blogging once I’m an Abu Dhabian (well residence wise), but it’s kind of a pain while I’m still here in the U.S. But, you see, I hate not meeting my goals, so here we go.

I’m going to call this the limbo phase because there is nothing else (on my end) that needs to be done.  Now, we wait until July or August when we attend a webinar and receive our tickets and visas.  And, it’s not entirely true that I don’t need to do anything else.  I have plenty.  I have to take the English for Arabic speakers online course (a freebie thanks to TeachAway & Toronto University), get my financials in order (close some accounts, get the money transfer codes, let them know I’ll be overseas, etc.), finish up dental/medical checkups (before U.S. insurance runs out), buy supplies and pack.

Packing is a big topic of discussion amongst we newbies.  I plan on bringing just the two check-in bags and two carryons.  I’m packing a duffel with my hiking boots and some winter clothes (for traveling to cooler climates) for Joe to bring over when he visits in November.  WHAT I’m actually putting in the two bags I’m bringing remains the big question.  I’m not freaking out over school supplies because I can’t worry about what I can’t control.  I’m loading up a thumb drive with as much as I can, and then figuring it out as I go along over there.  I am debating whether or not to buy a portable projector, but I think I’ll just have to wait and see.  If I need one badly enough I’ll have Joe bring one over too — poor guy doesn’t yet realize he’s gonna be my pack camel.

I should be planning my east-coast road trip right now, but my heart isn’t in it as much as it should be.  I am just ready to end this school year and move already.  I type this knowing full and well that I also want to spend plenty of time with my family, but it’s hard to do when I am so excited about where I’ll be in a few months.  August isn’t that far off, but it feels like forever from now.


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