Happy Easter!


I just finished cleaning up and getting the house ready for Easter.  Because I’m not going to be here next year I asked the family what they’d like for dinner this year.  So, instead of ham we’re having crab legs and steak — they obviously haven’t considered the fact that I’m still on my American salary!  It’s beautiful outside, so I can’t wait for Kaylene and Kelly to get here, so that we can begin the egg coloring and feasting.  I would complain about having to work tomorrow, but next year I’ll be working on Easter, so I’ll shush on that.  I have nothing much to add for this week’s news other than I truly am cherishing every minute I have.  Knowing that I will be far away from my loved ones is a gift because it’s making my time with them that much more special.  On the flip side of it all when I’m ticked at the lazy buggers for not picking up after themselves I cling to the fact that in a few months it’ll be just me and my pristine apartment. I’m not a religious person, but I surely am grateful for the blessed life I’ve been given.  If anyone is reading this it’s my hope that you too are enjoying the joys and love in your life.  I think any god in any religion would agree that’s a pretty damned good way to celebrate any holiday.  So Happy Whatever You Worship day!


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