On the negative side

One of the things you read about, and that we should all worry about, is running.  Some people end up in schools/communities they cannot adapt to.  Not everyone wants you there, and we all know how much any of us hates to be alienated.  Some folk run.  They leave everything there and just go home without notice.  This is not what any of us wants to do, but some of us end up doing it.  I wrote a blog about it for Teach UAE magazine.  I’ll post the link in just a second, but I do want to stress first that my intent was not to bastardize runners.  It’s just my thoughts on it and my big move.   I don’t intend on breaking my contract because it does hurt more than just myself, but I’m not in the situation any runner has been in, so I am not speaking for or about them, just about how I process and prepare based on what I know of the whole thing.  make sense?

Here’s the link:  http://teachuae.com/?p=552



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