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DSC00285  There are so many other lives and worlds to travel to just on the Internet.  I’ve read so many blogs from travelers, expats, students, teachers, you name it.  I’m also a writer with writerly friends who love to share their stories.

So, here are links to other blogs I’m either writing for OR that I just plain like.  Enjoy the journey.

Other blogs I contribute to:

It’s all about sharing stories:

Some of my travel stories:

Teaching in the UAE:

Some of my favorite teacher blogs about Abu Dhabi:

Helpful UAE blogs

Blogs that entertain me:

  1. Thanks a lot for including us 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying our blog! – Jenia


  2. Hi Bettina, still waiting for updates which they have said will come mid Jan. We are very near that date so just praying for it to happen soon.


  3. Thanks for having me as one of your favourite teacher blogs. I hope to keep it going into Abu Dhabi. Enjoying reading your blog too.



    • Hi there! Thanks for checking out mine. I’m soooooo in the wtf am I doing stage? And, I haven’t even had the in-person yet. On the one hand I’m excited, on the other (especially after reading the nightmare blogs) I’m like really, am I insane? Do you have any advice for me? I guess my real question is if you could go back to where I am now, what would you tell yourself? Thanks for any words of wisdom! And, if I do end up going, maybe we’ll get to meet up.


    • whoops. sorry. I just realized you’re further along than me, but not yet there. Have you gotten your flight details yet? Are you going insane with the wait? I’ll be in the same boat as you come August (if interview goes well). I’ll have money saved for the trip over there, but the longer I’ll be waiting the less of that money I’d have….


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