Happy Flag Day, Birthdays and halloween!


Yesterday was a big day for the UAE.  Flag Day kicks off the countdown to National Day, so throughout the next few weeks patriotic decorations will be popping up all over the place.    It’s a festive time where Emirates can show off their pride.  My school purchased a boatload of cakes and arranged them in flag formation.  We also had a variety of celebrations throughout the day.  Needless to say the girls had fun, and it was an easy day.  I always love watching kids be kids — regardless of how old they are.  My girls blew up a bunch of balloons and then released them.  It was beautiful — if only my phone could’ve captured it on time.

To see cool pics about Flag Day throughout the country, click here

Today is my daughter’s birthday, and in a few hours she and the rest of my family (Kyle is in town since his birthday was on Tuesday) will get together for a nice family dinner.  Of course I wish I was there, but I’m glad they’re celebrating together like they should.  It makes me proud of who they are, and I know they’ll have a great time.  In another year or so I’ll be back to celebrating holidays alongside them again — and we may just have to buy a whole bunch of cakes too!

Last week I had fun in Abu Dhabi with friends.  We dressed up and did halloween our way, which can only mean a good time.  The weekend before that Abu Dhabi friends came to Al Ain where another good time was had.  Basically, we’re all keeping each other happy and busy so that none of us gets too homesick, especially now that it’s fall.  Luckily, we can also get our pumpkin spice fix at Starbucks, so all is right with the world.

Work will be winding down soon as well.  I have another two weeks of actual teaching, and then it’s just review and presentation time.  We get 5 days off first week of December, so a beach trip on an African island is booked.  I’ll surprise you all with photos when we get there.  I’m so excited about this.

Two weeks after our little beach trip, and I’m on my way to Germany to bring in the holidays.

Oh and before that we have a baby shower planned and our apartment complex’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Whoop!  whoop.

I wish I had more to share with all of you, but it’s pretty much the same.  I work during the week, walk or go to the gym at night, sometimes read, sometimes chill with friends, sometimes with netflix or HBO (OMG The Leftovers is fantastic this season), and live the life with friends on the weekends.  I’m still missing my family, but also still loving the time I have here.

Next time around I’ll find an Al Ain snippet to share with you.  Don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll give you some sort of glimpse into life in the Oasis.  Until then, hope all of you back home are doing well.


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  1. Cakes, balloons and Netflix all in one week?? You’re crazy!! Happy birthday to your kiddos. Sometimes it’s hard to miss out on things at home; I’m definitely riding the same emotional roller coaster ride that you are!


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