Vacay time again…


So, I’ve been back and working for the past 4 weeks, and I haven’t even popped in to let you all know how it’s going.  As of now it’s super great since I’m on another mini vacation, but I’m saving money for some expensive upcoming trips so it’s just going to be time on the beaches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  I know poor me.

I’m teaching 12th grade now, and one of my students (hey there Miss M!) googled me and has been reading my blog.  Turns out I wrote about her last year.  She’s the girl I didn’t know who’d randomly find me to tell me jokes.  So, lucky me I now have instant access to Emirati humor.  I’m really pleased with all of my classes, and I’m enjoying working with them.  I guess it’s a combo of me having a better grip on what I should be doing and they being a bit more mature that’s making this work.  Something tells me it’s going to be an even better year than last year, and I’m really going to miss these girls when they graduate in May.

As for life outside of work, it’s been great too.  I’ve pretty much spent the weekends in Abu Dhabi or Dubai enjoying all those cities have to offer.  It’s great to come back here and not have to learn how to do everything.  This is my other home now, and I love navigating my way through life here.  [here’s a link to a blog I wrote about this for Teach UAE ] I cannot wait to share it with Joe when he arrives in 2017, which sounds so far off but isn’t.

For the most part I’m really content and at ease with who I am, where I am, what I’m doing and not worrying too much about all the whys that surround me. That said I’m also looking forward to all the good stuff that’s being planned for this year.

First week of December I’m going somewhere during our next mini vacation — don’t know where yet, BUT somewhere new to me and cheap.  A few weeks later I’m back to Germany to celebrate Christmas with my family there, and then I’m off to Copenhagen for New Years.  A few months after it’s Spring break, a month after that it’s Kaylene’s graduation, and then it’s summer time and all our big plans for that.

Basically, my life revolves around vacations, and the work part in between isn’t (so far) nearly as tough as it was last year — although it is STILL work, and I do still get stressed.  Trust me there is also plenty of crazy going on too, but it all manages to work itself out, which is part of the gift of being asked to live here.  You really do discover that, yep, no matter how insane or illogical something may seem to you, it will eventually make sense in its own way — and you’re good with that.  I wish I learned this lesson sooner in life — might not have as many gray hairs right now had I done so.

Oh, and a former co-worker from Phoenix is now here too.  I introduced him to some of my Abu Dhabi pals, and he’s settling into his new digs on Reem island (lucky B-word — um, trying to watch my language, let’s see how long it lasts).  He’s going to have a tough year — we all do at first; there’s a lot of adjusting to do — but I’m also excited for him.  It’ll be fun showing off the weekends.

We also have new people moving into my complex, and I just sigh for them.  It’s only been a year, but me oh my what a difference it all makes.  So if any newbies are reading this, I promise you will get past the newbie phase.

And, that’s about all I have for you now.  I’m going to Shannan’s place for a girls night tonight and tomorrow we’re off to Saadiyat beach, so maybe I’ll go take a nap to rest up for all the fun that’s coming my way these next few days.  I’ll try to write something less “yay vacay time” next time around.

To learn more about why I’m off these next few days, check out my friend’s blog.


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