Arizona, Arizona … alles klar in Arizona

When we were in Germany my uncle kept playing a German country song that praised the state where my house and family still reside.   I’ve been ‘home’ for almost three weeks now and cherishing every second of it.  In some ways it’s odd to be back because it feels like I never left, but of course I have and there’s another life added to my layers.

I need to apologize to many of my Arizona friends for not making plans to meet up.  It’s not that I didn’t want to see any of you.  I had just a few weeks and really wanted to spend as much time with Joe and the kids as I could, and I’m so glad I did.  Joe I’ll see again during Christmas break, but the kids won’t see me again until July 2016, so this trip was all about doing the little family things we love to do.  Next summer, however, I’ll be home for all of my vacation, so I promise to make some time then to meet up with more friends.

Plus, next summer is a big one since Joe and I will finally tie the knot, and then he will join me in Abu Dhabi February/March 2017.  The kids have been helping me plan for it, and it’s pretty darn priceless googling wedding dresses with my 20-something sons, who actually have good taste when it comes to lace.  who knew?

But for now, we’re living our Arizona/Abu Dhabi lives and that’s good too.  We’re all happy moving along our own little paths while staying connected the way we do.

I fly back on Thursday, which will be hard, but I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with my UAE buds and students.  Besides, Winter break will be here before I know it.

Until then, though, here are some photos of my lovely home state:  Arizona.

thumb_DSC08445_1024 DSC08421  life after forest fires… and those poor free-range cattle are living the life, until, um, they aren’t.

DSC08407 DSC_0624 DSC_0492 DSC_0422

DSC_0435 Ah the things you see on a hiking trip in the northern rim area of the Grand Canyon.

thumb_DSC08467_1024  my kids in the kitchen.. 2015-08-06 05.11.10-1 sitting on a park bench in Prescott … and totally loving the breeze!

DSC08436 DSC08373

our favorite saloon in Jerome, Arizona

DSC08388 best baked beans ever (eaten in Sedona), which, of course, came with a sloppy rack of ribs.

DSC08332 DSC08342 DSC08358 the only copper mug at our favorite saloon for the yummiest Moscow Mule.  Perfect thing to sip while listening to a guitar player sing the blues and watching a thunder storm outside.

I’d post more pics, but it seems I’m out of free space.  I deleted a bunch of old pictures from my media file, which sadly also deleted them from older posts — oh well.  I’ll upgrade after my next paycheck…


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