Departure date has arrived!

All I have to say is whoop! whoop! Got my ticket info today. I leave 6 a.m. Thursday, Aug 14 and arrive in Abu Dhabi 7:20 p.m. the next day. I have a 9-hour layover in Chicago, BUT I’ll get to see my buddy Michelle because of that layover. It’s gonna be a llllloooooonnnnngggg flight, but I am soooooo ready.

Abu Dhabi here I come! Okay, I now have 5 days to get the rest of my stuff in order. I’m really going…


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  1. Unless buying a new laptop while there, you will need an adaptor for yours because the voltage there is 230V. You’ll need a UK plug type! Dont’t bother taking hairdryers,etc. MABROUK!!!!


    • Shukran Zette! I learned all about appliances and voltage the hard way — let’s just say I burnt off a clump of hair a long time ago. Will top by Lulus or Carrefour to get new hair appliances. My macbook and camera chargers have converters and adaptors, so I’m good. I’ll think of you when dipping my toes in the Arabian Gulf!


  2. YIPPEE!!!!! I’m so, so, so, so, so excited for you!!! Thanks for making/writing this blog, I love reading about your adventures (even if you haven’t left yet). 🙂


    • Trisha! HI there! I was soooooo planning on subbing a day at Fairfax before I left, but it didn’t work out that way. I’m stopping by Tuesday (tomorrow) to get something signed, so will try to see you then! Hahahah if security will let me walk around. And the adventure begins on Thursday! whoop whoop!


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