Paperwork never ends…

Okay, so it seems I’m spending most of my Monday on hold. You see about a month ago I called my financial institutions to check wire transfer fees, etc. — you know all the make-sure-my-money-is-good stuff. Today, I’m calling to get swift codes and whatnot, and holy hell it seems what person A told me is now different from person B, so I have to switch around the way I was going to bank.

It’s all good I’m getting it worked out (and if my credit union person B is correct there is now no incoming international wire transfer fee so that’s good news), but what a big ole pain in the butt. If you ever decide to take a job overseas know that the red tape you go through to get the job is just the beginning. From what I’ve been told this is a cake walk compared to the paper trail I will follow once I’m in my new land.

I will be so well documented, authenticated, visa whatevered. I’m developing a new skill: patience with stuff I hate doing. Hmmm, so I wonder if I’ll be like on the FBI/CIA watch list once my American accounts start receiving funds from my Middle Eastern ones.

Hahahha just call me Double O BB (prefer my initials to 7). Ewwww, the line is ringing. Onto to the next customer service rep…


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