Still waiting…

I have nothing new to report.  I’m just getting antsy waiting for the big ticket.  Rumor has it the second group is expected to arrive 8/15-20.  I probably will cry if I’m not in that group because I doubt Group 3 would get there before the big orientation on 8/24.  Like any teacher I want to be there from day one.  Playing catchup always sucks.

Most of group one has received housing.  Three of the people I’ve become friends are in a brand new building on a gorgeous complex in Abu Dhabi.  Another friend is based in Al Ain and has not gotten the chance to see her new home yet.  I’m happy for my friends (although wishing my Al Ain friend wasn’t still in the dark about her place), and at the same time I’m jealous.  I want to be out there with them shopping for my new home and getting excited about my new school.  I know all in due time.

Last week I was glad I wasn’t in group one because it gave me much-needed time with my kids.  Below is the link to the blog I wrote about it for Teach UAE.  My kids are all busy getting ready for school or new jobs (or as in Kaylene’s case both), so now I’m ready to go, go, go!  I’ve signed up to sub, but haven’t picked up a shift yet.  Hopefully, tomorrow there will be one for me to pick up, and, hopefully, tomorrow there will be ticket info.  Aaargh hate not knowing…

Okay, on the the nicer side of me (the balanced, appreciative me of last week), here’s all about learning to let it be:

DSC05073  This pic is in the Teach UAE post, but I’m sure I’ll want to go back to seeing it again when I’m FINALLY over there.  Our last supper together.  Kyle was in town for a few days, and it was a wonderful visit.


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