Christmas in July…

A few months ago one of my besties, Ericka, said she’d like to throw a Christmas in July party for me since I won’t be here this Christmas —- and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the winter holidays.  From Halloween to New Years it’s one food, drink and laugh filled celebration after the other.  To my new Abu Dhabi friends be prepared to play and not lose weight.

What I love most about that time of year —- other than all the lights and craziness —- is that it’s always about being with the people I love the most, so while I will embrace my new life I will also be quite homesick (although my peeps are coming to visit me so it’s all good).

Anyway, I suggested we go ahead and do it at my house since I have a big pool we can all escape the heat in.  Before I knew it a facebook event page popped up, and we were inviting people from all over.  Unbeknownst to me another one of my besties, Monica, secretly RSVPd.  The whole time she had been posting that she wished she could fly in for the event but money was tight, and blah, blah, blah.  This is the same woman who claims it’s her birthday every month, so I should’ve known better, but I didn’t and I just about peed myself (okay maybe I did a little) when she walked into my kitchen.

DSC05008Here’s the crazy beotch stuck in the cooler

She stayed with us through Tuesday, and oh my goodness it was just like the holidays —- except we could use the pool!  We had so much fun that I barely even thought about my upcoming move, which is a good thing because I think about it way too much (um, if things work out the way I’m hoping I should be on a plane within the next 3 weeks).

Wednesday I met up with a former department chair who is now retired and looking great (way to go Liz!) and yesterday I met up with some others moving to Abu Dhabi, including a couple who aren’t teachers but I hope we end up living in the same community.  Something tells me they’d be great neighbors/friends to have.

Today is the first day where I have absolutely no plans, which is why I’m in here typing away and posting party pics.  Of course this also means I have time on my hands, which means I’ve checked my email too many times to see if my e-ticket came in —- KNOWING that nothing will go out until Ramadan ends, but I like to torture myself.

Okay enough of my rambling and onto some of the pics.  I wish I had more, but, well, we were having too much fun.  What can I say?

IMG_3296 Hahahaha a Tres Leches cake made by non English speakers, so my name and fun is misspelled, which of course made this the perfect cake for the party.  Thanks Debbie!  It was an awesome cake, and I want to hug whomever decorated it.

IMG_3273 The calm before the storm.  The party preparers (although I didn’t really have to do much) chilling before getting things ready for the night ahead, which didn’t end until the wee hours  Sunday.

IMG_3301Even black Santa partied.   IMG_3292 The two crazies together…IMG_3291 hahaha Joe loves crazy DSC05036 DSC05035 DSC05031 DSC05029 DSC05026 DSC05023 DSC05021 DSC05011 DSC05009 IMG_3327 IMG_3321  IMG_3300 2014-07-13 20.43.20 DSC05034Just some of the party pics.  Needless to say after awhile cameras were forgotten, which is the way it should be!  Although I’m so bummed that I didn’t get any pics of the Premier crew.  It was soooooooo good to see some of my buds from the very first school I ever taught at. Greg, Monika and Dave I am so happy you came.   It’s official we all have to get together again, so I can take a photo!


The next day we went to Jimbos for breakfast, which is an establishment (hahaha dive bar) that serves free breakfast when you order a drink.    Then we came home watched the World Cup, Drunken History and Naked and Afraid — much more fun to watch these shows with friends over.  Besides it’s about all that we could handle at that point.

IMG_3346A post party party with just a few of us.  Aaron and Tanner kept us entertained with their diving off the roof antics.  If I can figure out how to do it I’ll post video later.

IMG_3289 DSC05044 IMG_3368 somebody taking a nap in the pool…DSC05041awww even the floats are tired


DSC05062 DSC05056 DSC05045our final party before putting Monica on a plane.  The pink flamingo is her gift to me. I’m to bring it every where I go and take pictures of it.  Hahahaha my flat flamingo!

Again, I love my people!  I will soooooo miss all of you.



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