Moving while staying put…

I’ve been busy, but not busy enough to keep me from trolling through all the Facebook pages.  One of the things I’m looking forward to is NOT being addicted to Facebook updates.  You see this is my Abu Dhabi lifeline right now.  It’s how I get my “what’s it like over there” fix, but like all addictions it provides more wasted time than highs.  Whew!  luckily it’s not an addiction that actually costs me money, or damages my health (my sanity, on the other hand, might be in question).

There are A LOT of “buy my stuff” posts going up right now — from those of us who are leaving our countries and those who are returning to their countries.  It’s one big virtual yard sale mayhem.  Every now and then I’ll see something from Abu Dhabi posted, and I’m like nooooo don’t sell that yet.  I want it.  Can’t you wait until I get there.

Meanwhile, I’m throwing out stuff I’ve had for years and done nothing with.  Sooooo, the irony here is that I’m paring down what I have (and realizing how much money I’ve wasted on crap throughout the years) while fantasizing about buying more junk —- just in another country.  How effed up is that?

And, I’m one of the lucky ones.  I only have to get rid of extra clothing.  So many of my counterparts are having to get rid of furniture, appliances, THEIR HOMES.  I can’t even imagine how stressed and exhausted I’d be if I was also selling my house.  I am soooooo, soooooo, soooooo glad we decided not to sell.  It’s bad enough to have given up the security of my job, and the insurance that goes with it (although I am on the sub list, so money will come in if I don’t get shipped out in early August like I’m hoping). I’d be totally whackadoodle if I also had to move to another place until moving to the UAE.

I’m also lucky that because I don’t have that extra “get rid of house” stress that I have more time to enjoy the things I love the most.  I’ve been doing a lot of hiking, reading, hanging out with friends and family, lounging with my pets, and floating in the pool.  This is probably the most laid-back summer I have ever had, and I’m so grateful to be having it!

Of course that will all change in about six weeks.  Since I was hired in February, I’m hoping to be in the first batch of teachers sent over.  Hoping doesn’t mean that’s what will happen, but for now it’s what I’ve got.

Oh, and I’ve also been doing a little bit of writing.  Nothing to brag about, but my hikes (and I do sooooo love them, although I skipped hiking this morning) sparked two blogs in one day.  One is about the hikes themselves, and the other is about how the death of a fellow hiker keeps reminding me of what’s important.

Here’s my Teach UAE clip (with photos):

And here’s my StoryShare post (hahaha with some of the same photos):



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