It’s a date…

The big interview is 1 p.m. February 13th.  Now, the real fun begins.  Tomorrow I let my principal know I’m interviewing.  It’s not a big deal, but I still feel guilty.  You see I launched the journalism/film program, and I’m getting ready to move into a brand new building with my new multi-media lab.  I actually have a pretty sweet job.  Seriously, I teach electives all day long, and I get paid extra for it since I’m in charge of yearbook and our student news program.  I’m good at this, and I’m trusted/respected (well at least I think I am).  It’s all good, yet tomorrow I go public with my Abu Dhabi obsession.  It shouldn’t be a big surprise since I’ve always been open about wanting to teach overseas after my youngest graduates (this May).  

But anyway, insert happy dance.  Interview is on the calendar!  Now, the mad paper race begins.

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