I need an intervention

Holy Hell I’m obsessed.  So, it’s the end of the day, and I have no students.  I was working on the ton of stuff I need to work on, but my mind kept wandering — go check your email maybe the interview dates are in, check the google community maybe someone said something, go stalk another blog, oh what the hell go google Abu Dhabi news.

What is wrong with me?  This is ridiculous.  IF I get the job it’s NINE months away. Just the other day i was reading my gazillionth blog on living/teaching there and I broke out in a sweat.  It was a doozy of an adventure gone way wrong.  The poor woman, who seemed flexible, kind, open minded, and all the things you need to be, didn’t last her first quarter there.  This could turn out to be a really bad trip — sober!

And, yet, here I am still wanting to do this thing.  It’s not just me though.  The google community and facebook groups I’ve joined update frequently with ‘I made it to the next step” posts.  We’re a bunch of salivating freaks who apparently love to be tormented with waiting and the unkown.

You see some of the folk who were hired for January still haven’t even gotten their departure tickets yet.  Sooooo, I’m going to be doing this waiting, stare at my inbox thing for a long, long time, unless, of course, I blow the interview and find out fairly quickly that this little escapade has run its course.

I guess it’s good to be going through this what-if obsession.  I am soooooo totally bipolar with it.  One minute I’m fantasizing about having a bright-white apartment all to myself, the next I’m like what am I going to do without my mother/daughter wine sessions or family movie nights?  One minute I’m teaching editing techniques (like I should be), the next my little brain is cooking up ELL projects.  One minute I’m revving my car into 6th gear (good God I love that car), the next I’m like holy shit I’m pretty sure I’ll be hugging the right lane over there.

Anyway, you get the point of my ramble.  I have Abu Dhabittis.  A desert city far, far, far away is interupting my desert city living here.  And now I have to get back to my Phoenix world and attend a training session on some software I will,hopefully, not have to use next year.


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