Happy Birthday to me…whoops meant to finish this yesterday

Time to add another ring to my circles.  Originally I said I’d want to do something big for my 55th since I didn’t do anything major on my 50th (although it was celebrated at a Syrian chicken place in the Middle East, so not necessarily a normal birthday for an American — and I bet it’s archived somewhere in here), but well Corona took care of that.  We had 4 friends come over on Saturday and had a wonderful time with them (you cannot have more than 4 people over, and it has to be the same 4 people who allow you into their homes — basically pick a circle of 4 to hang with), and three of my friends will sit out back with us tonight — with our lawn chairs safely spread apart. (since this a day later:  they did come over and we enjoyed a lovely bottle of champagne with lots of sunshine and a lovely Spring breeze).

So, while not a big celebration year (and yet still perfect), this is my first year on the planet celebrating a birthday during a pandemic, so there’s that.  And I’m pretty damned happy that neither I nor any of my loved ones have gotten it.  Although my sister, a nurse in Virginia, did get really ill; she tested negative twice, and she’s on the mend.

Some of the things I see on my daily walks. LOL the bicycle seems to be a victim of the Rona.

I haven’t been writing much because, well, there’s not a whole lot to report.  We’ve taken a lot of walks, and I’m now on a routine of taking an hour walk during my lunch breaks. We’ve shared a lot of treats with friends within walking distance — lol mainly my friends baking and sharing with us, but I’ve cooked a few meals or side dishes.

One of several video meals with friends.

And, we’re currently car shopping since the mechanic went back to work last week and, sadly, told us our car was finished. We’ve watched a lot of t.v. — a LOT — lol and will continue watching more.   I’ve finished up two courses and am close to finishing up another, so finally I’ll be able to read books for fun — woo hoo.  School will be out in a few weeks, and it feels surreal.  There’s no end-of-year excitement for me.  I think the kids and I just want it to end, so that, hopefully, we can look forward to brick-and-mortar learning again (one day!).

Since we’re hopeful that Belgium will allow residents to travel more within its borders, we booked a cabin in the Ardennes for mid-June (after school officially finishes).  Fingers crossed we can actually go to it.  LOL cars are currently cruising our street blasting techno music — guess the kids gotta get their summer music festival feel however they can.  And, Mons is doing what it can to keep people’s spirits up — including providing homes with free face masks.

The Belfroi celebrated transexuals, bisexuals,

any sexuals not harassing others by bathing itself in lovely colors.

Spring is flourishing, so our balcony is a lovely place to sit, sip and stare and rumor has it borders will open June 15, so perhaps there’s hope that Joe, Badger and I can go camping or rent a cabin in the Alps or something like that — using our new vehicle.

I officially signed the loan papers for a brand new pretty blue Toyota Rav 4.  I’m a little nervous about its size since our streets and garage are small, but it’ll fit.  LOL a compact SUV is gigantic over here, so pray I don’t scrape up its sides like I did on our ‘normal’ sized VW Golf.  I have no idea when we’ll actually get the car — sometime in June perhaps.  It’s not like in the states where you get your new car the day you buy it.  But, I’ll be sure to post a pic when she arrives.

Overall life is going along well despite the nastiness around us.  I have my grumpy days where I’m just super annoyed at everything, but then again I also get to work every day braless and in my jammies —- shhh don’t tell the kids.  When/if things ever go back to normal I’m going to be grumpy that I have to groom and drive that pretty vehicle in traffic.  I do treasure my walks, time on balcony and video chats with family and friends.  And, I never forget how lucky I am to have all of this.  Well it’s time for me to get back to work and by 4 p.m. I’ll be back on my balcony sipping nature’s nectar.  Cheers and Happy We’re Still Healthy and Alive Day to you all!

p.s. I forgot to post Belgium virus numbers — gotta keep the tally posting until this thing ends:    55, 559 confirmed cases; 9080 dead BUT only 147 new cases and 28 deaths reported for May 17th. Yeah I know it still sucks that people are dying, but as of today in Belgium it’s at a much lower rate.  Fingers crossed with relaxing measures it stays that way.  While I’ll always say yes to a second wave of wine, it’s hell no to any more virus waves.


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