Pyramids and the Nile, oh my!


Sadly, I have to rush this post because I have so much going on right now.  Miss is too, too busy.  BUT, Brandy and I went to Egypt last weekend, and while it was too short of a trip it was still amazing.  I’ll first throw out a plug for our guide and driver.  They truly made this the perfect two-day trip.  It is because of them we got to see and do so much.  If you’re planning an Egypt trip, email  He’ll customize the trip to what you’re looking for — and what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Our first day was a doozy.  We landed around 7 a.m. and went straight to Giza.  Oh my goodness we got to see and learn so much, from pyramids, to tombs, to the sphinx, to mummification chambers, to cruising alongside Nile tributaries while farmers worked, to papyrus making, to rug weaving, to bread making, to thankfully finally sitting down to cold bevies and grilled meat.  When we finally checked into our gorgeous room at the Sofitel on the Nile, we were too pooped to do anything other than order room service and sip bevies from our balcony — okay to be honest mostly just from our beds, but it was an awesome balcony.

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Since I’m rushing through writing this, please read photo captions on slide show to get a taste.

One of our highlights was crawling up, into, down the very narrow steep ramp thingy, into the middle of Red Pyramid, then up the stairs to the tomb area, and then up and out of the pyramid.  It was very hot, and the ramp thing was narrow, and it was crazy to know we were inside a pharaoh’s tomb.  I saw the innards of an Egyptian pyramid!  We didn’t take pictures of the inside out of the respect for the dead, plus I don’t think we were allowed to.


The entrance to pyramid and very red, hot us after surviving the climb.  LOL Brandy wasn’t happy with me.

Day two we focused on Cairo, and, again, another amazing day.  We visited the white mosque, the Egyptian museum, more I can’t remember right now, and walked through market streets, and ate lunch and smoked shisha with Rany in the midst of it all.  Another highlight was hearing the call to prayer from our balcony and from where we ate lunch.  I hear and enjoy it all of the time, but these two resonated with my spiritual self.  While my way of praying to Allah is different, it stirs me the same —- and Thank Our Powers That Be for the godly moments.


The word Allah carved into a bush.  Best altar ever.

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Some Cairo scenes for you.  I’ll try to get back in and caption more later.

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As always it’s the people we meet along the way who make it memorable!


And we ate and drank some amazing goodies!

As did the birds, who joined us for breakfast, which we ate alongside the Nile!

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Our breakfast view

Oh there’s more to share, but I’ve gotta go.  I just wanted to hurry and post something about our amazing time before I got too bogged down with all the other crazy going on in my life.


Last but not least, woo hoo let’s embrace the world like this lil guy, bush, twig.  All I know is it seems to be really happy.



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