Not much to report on…

I was supposed to go to Dubai this weekend, but my body had something else in store for me.  Let’s just say some sort of terrorist act took place in my stomach.  I’m on the mend, hydrating away, but damn not a fun way to lose weight.

So, I’m making a dent in my couch while binge watching shows like The Crown.  I may have watched too much last night because I dreamt I was a queen mother preparing my son for the throne, which is pretty hilarious — royalty is not what comes to mind when my kin are mentioned (and I am certainly no queen mother).  That said I did get excited when I saw the episode where young Queen Elizabeth and her husband safari in Kenya since I’ll be there in just six weeks.  Come on Spring Break!  I need you.

It’s been chilly here.  We had a rain storm a week or two ago and some cold (for us) temps.  It snowed in a northern Emirate, which brought on this:


And, I actually wore boots to work all week last week.  My toes were totally confused.  The resignation window for my place of employment opened up, so I officially resigned, but I forgot to put in my passport number (aargh), so lol I resigned again this weekend. Let’s see if it takes.  It feels weird doing this so early, but, hopefully, this means the process will go smoother than I anticipate.  We shall see.

Work is busy right now, and I hated taking a sick day yesterday because we’re down to the wire.  We’ve got to finish up a lot of stuff before the girls begin their exams in March, and they’re antsy right now.  Hell, I’m antsy.  That is the beauty of February.  We’re all antsy and have a lot to accomplish.  It’ll get done; it always does.  And then I’ll be squealing over elephants and giraffes, so I can hang in there.

I had to sign up for some after-school training, which I’m not excited about, but the reward for going is three days off when Michelle is in town, so I’ll do it.  And, I’ve signed up for an online TEFL cert  because I need education hours to renew my teaching license in May (and another language cert doesn’t hurt), so my brain will be the next one to explode and wreak havoc on my otherwise peaceful life. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use some of it in my classes.  We shall see.  (I’m in the we shall see mode of life again)

As for life in the UAE we have maybe a month or two of good weather left, so we’re happy about that.  It’s beautiful and breezy out right now, so I’ll spend part of the day sipping tea on my balcony.  I realise it’s cruel for me to type this while American friends and relatives on the north east coast are getting blasted with snow.  Trust me, I’ll be blasted with heat in too soon a time.

Financially, my credit card is having a heart attack because I’ve booked Joe and the kids flights for this summer, and Joe is finishing up the final touches on my house before putting it on the market.  InshAllah it all gets paid off before I leave in July.  InshAllah my house sells for a good price, and I won’t need to worry about balances and whatnot.

And that’s pretty much me right now, unless you want to read about my need to get off this couch and do laundry and clean house (I’m procrastinating, can you tell?).



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