Time for our big train trip…

escalator In just a few hours we’ll find our way to the main train station, so that we can find our way to Germany.  Wish us luck that we end up on the right train, and not headed toward Siberia. Although, public transportation here has been great.  The trams and subways are easy to find, although some of the escalators are quite steep.  People lean forward or backward to prevent dizziness.  It’s comical (to me anyway). We took it easy yesterday just strolling the alleyways, stopping at shops, and eating and drinking.  A highlight was escaping the rain by sipping Aberol spritzers and cider under a canopy in an Italian cafe while others crowded under ancient archways or their umbrellas. Later on in Old Town Square we were treated to a Jazz fest.  Since I have to pack up and get ready for our next journey I don’t have a whole lot of time to write.  So, here are a few pics to do the telling for me.

DSC07689 DSC07687 DSC07680 DSC07676DSC07700 DSC07715   DSC07744 DSC07761 DSC07734As you can see Prague is magical at night.



it’s enchanting during the day as well.

DSC07665 a meal at a famous tavern.  Of course I don’t remember the name.  All I know is men came around dropping off frothy mugs of beer (made at the tavern and the only brand they serve), shots of honey something or other (“it’s healthy!”) and heavy plates of Czech food.  Shannan tried the beef and cream, which comes with berries and a dollop of whipped cream.  It’s an odd dish.  We were also entertained by a gnomish accordion player who was a sweetheart. And that, my friends, is it for now.  Tomorrow the rest of our group arrives … heaven help Munich!


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