Pretty in Praha!

Oh where to begin!  We’ve been busy loving Prague.  So far we’ve done an e-bike (sooooo love these ingenious inventions, may have to buy one) tour, a segway tour, a sex museum tour. a rickshaw ride back to our hotel room, our own version of a pub crawl, etc. etc.   Basically, we’ve burned some miles discovering this amazing city where beer is allegedly cheaper than water — or so we’ve been told.

We’ve also inhaled some calories with ghoulish, ham (oh heavenly ham), hot dogs, and other yummy dishes (an almost orgasmic pork dish with roquefort sauce amongst one of them) to name just a few.

Oh, and while working our way toward Charles Bridge we did shots and danced (all within a 20 minute time frame) with random strangers at our first Ice Pub.  Trust me 20 minutes is all I could handle, and it’s the quickest club experience ever.

We’re in our hotel room now resting for a bit, but not like we rested yesterday.  You see we didn’t get back to our room until 10 p.m. and the plan was to take a nap so we could go back to the streets to experience weekend nightlife (establishments don’t close until 4 a.m.).  Um, I woke up from the nap 7:30 this morning.  That’s okay because tonight is another night. Just maybe we’ll get to see it tonight.

thumb_DSC07452_1024 thumb_DSC07446_1024 thumb_DSC_0358_1024 thumb_DSC_0354_1024

Looks cold, right?  Yes this is a tourist trap, but we loved it, so that’s all that matters.  Where else do you drink from actual ice cubes?

thumb_DSC07483_1024 thumb_DSC07478_1024 thumb_DSC_0449_1024And I’m happy to say we’re not the only ones making asses out of ourselves.  It’s actually an art form here.  Although a note on the baby sculptures, they’re pretty awesome.  They are also placed crawling up “the ugliest tower,” (ours were in a park near the river) which is the old t.v. tower for communist broadcasts.  The babies have barcodes for faces symbolizing that thanks to media we are all products of some sorts.  Or faceless babies, but I think I prefer products, but then again neither is good is it?

DSC07648More artwork for you to ponder.  So these two guys pissing onto a map of Czech Republic symbolize politicians.  Of course there’s more to it than that, but check out that child checking out the moving penises (they’re like turtles going in an out — a lil shy at times) while Shannan and I solve world problems, or, more likely, chat about where we’ll eat our next hot dog.

DSC_0385 which, of course, we did (but to be honest that was before the Segway tour).

DSC07602 sometimes the angels pee too…

thumb_DSC_0385_1024 There’s also lots of other lovely art.  SO MUCH ART.  I love this place.  One would never get bored of looking here.

thumb_DSC_0470_1024 thumb_DSC_0413_1024 thumb_DSC_0438_1024 thumb_DSC_0342_1024 thumb_DSC07499_1024 See what I mean.  The cross that looks like a lizard is on the sidewalk next to the National Museum in Wenceslas Square.  It is a memorial to Jan Palach.  Basically this young man (a student) burned himself in 1968 as a protest to the demoralization of the Czech people during the Soviet invasion.  Again, there is more to the story, and the memorial is meant to be subtle. I like that it shows how sacrifice melds with the earth.  I am always reminded that as a species we can create the most beautiful, amazing things while also tearing at each other’s souls.  We are such an odd species.

DSC07656 Of course the Beatles captured this dichotomy well, and there’s a John Lennon wall where people can freely paint their graffiti messages.  It’s a constantly changing wall, and we were warned to not lean against it because the paint might still be wet.  John Lennon never got a chance to visit or sing here since it was under Communist rule when he was alive, and his music was banned from the public — which, of course, didn’t stop the people from finding a way to hear.  Legend, however, has it you just might find Beatle signatures if you look.

thumb_DSC_0440_1024 DSC07654 DSC07653 Love is also celebrated here with their own lock wall where men can lock their hearts after a proposal.  Strolling through the parks and near the riverbeds you see all sorts of couples enjoying each other’s company.  It’s quite the city to be in love in.

DSC07545 Um, it also has a collection of carnal artifacts.  I’ll spare you the not-for-kids photos that show off centuries of odd adult toys and practices.  This one is an ancient Greek prostitute’s shoe.  Apparently, the words at the bottom of her shoe imprinted follow me in the sand.  Or something like that.  We also saw a silent film that we so wish we hadn’t.  Trust me when I type photoshop is a good thing. Although it was funny doing so with a group of strangers from around the world  — awkward sex translates every where.

thumb_DSC_0343_1024But today’s adults have lots of G-rated fun in public.  Nothing more entertaining than watching folk try to walk on water.

DSC07644 DSC07638 DSC07635 DSC07622 DSC07608 Sorry folks I’m getting lazy on you now.  Here’s some of our tour shots.  I prefer e-bikes to segways.  I feel more in control on the bike (although someone get my nether regions an icepack after cycling on all that cobblestone), and for some reason my feet really hurt on the segway.  I’m sure it was because my toes were clenching.  They look so innocent, but when you’re going through traffic and crowds all you can think of is holy shit I’m gonna kill someone (or myself) with this thing, but luckily we didn’t!  BUT, I’m glad we did both.

DSC07646 DSC07659

and, well, don’t we look cute!

DSC07576 DSC07574 DSC07570 We also sampled some Absinthe — and won’t be doing it again.

And, that’s all that I have for you for now.  I better hurry and fit in my nap, so we can get out there and do some more.


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