So we had some weather…

2015-01-19 10.37.422015-01-19 10.48.48

Like in Phoenix, rain is a big deal here — except even more so because it rains less here than Phoenix.  Of course the way people react to it is a little different.  Basically, a few drops of water brings out the crazy.  Rain means you can spinout in roundabouts, hoot and holler while hydroplaning on the flooded roads, skip school to go mudding in the desert, scare your teacher when she walks into the room and sees 4 girls have broken the window hinge just so they can hang out the window.  You know that sort of thing.

I can’t say I blame them though (although I wish the crazy driving would stay in the desert and not on the roads I need to drive on to get home).  It’s nice to have rain and dreary skies — especially when you know in a few months it will be hell hot again, with humidity.  It’s also chilly (for us), so I’ve been wearing my winter pjs and snuggling under a blanket while watching t.v.  It’s nice to be cold and then warmed up.  I wish I had my Joe and Badger to snuggle up with, but that’ll all happen again soon enough.  This will one day be a memory, so may as well enjoy it while I’m living it.

That said work is exhausting me.  I have one heck of a schedule this trimester.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my worst days — one day I have 6 classes almost consecutively and the other I have 7.   The good news is on Sundays and Thursdays I have prep the last two classes, so I can leave early, which I totally plan on doing this afternoon.  Cannot tell you how excited I am it’s Thursday!

Speaking of which my carpool buddy will be here in a few minutes, so I better get my shoes on and start the day.

2015-01-21 08.21.49  Fog devouring our playground

2015-01-19 09.58.25 Ms. Bettina loving the rose a girl picked for her

2015-01-19 07.18.49and what I will see on the drive in this morning, now that the rain is gone.


Oh, and here’s a link to another Teach UAE blog.  This one is a shout out to teachers who are applying to come here in August — so weird that is no longer me!

Have a good day, everyone.


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