Well happy anniversary to my relationship with WordPress and my Abu Dhabi obsession…

I popped in here to share my great local shopping experience, and then saw the wordpress notification that today is our anniversary.  Wow this time last year I was posting my ramblings about this thing I thought I might do, and today I shopped for fish and veggies with the locals of Al Ain.  What a difference a year makes! So souq (or is it souk?)  shopping is my new fave.  Not gonna lie I was a little (okay a lot) intimidated at first, but no need to sweat it.  The vendors are there to sell, and we’re all there to buy, so it’s all good.  I mean I’ve done the touristy ones, but this was real-world-get-what-you need shopping.  There’s an indoor souk near my flat, and they have tons of vegetables and fruits. I didn’t have my camera with me and didn’t think to whip out my phone, but the fruit baskets/trays were HUGE and beautiful.  Shannan, my souk-shopping sister, and I just walked around this one and asked questions about fruits/veggies we weren’t sure about, but we were just stopping in this time because we were headed downtown to the official fish/veggie place (you can also buy hunks of mutton, spices, honey and other eating essentials).  Next weekend, i’m popping over to the one nearby to see if their prices are as good. I wasn’t expecting the market we went to to be busy, but it was.  Luckily, Shannan steered me to a parking deck versus having to drive through where the locals were parking, so we made it there stress free and the car dent free.  We were a little shy at first, but then dove in.  My first purchase was ONE dirham.  ONE DIRHAM (that’s 27 cents in American money).  I was like dude, did I hear you wrong?  You see when you buy produce at the supermarkets it’s expensive, and the shit doesn’t even look all that good.  I spent around 50 dirham ($15.61) today, and I bought a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits and shrimp.  Shannan was brave and ordered some red snapper and tilapia — and they cleaned it for her too.  I get that maybe I’m just a little too excited over our shopping spree, but I felt kinda Anthony Bourdainish because you know we’re buying from the street, mixing with the flies and folk.  And it was fun.  Love the lil fish guy Shannan bought her fish from, and the guy who cleaned my shrimp.  I’ll come back just to buy from them again. It wasn’t all Middle Eastern, a Canadian lady (another teacher transplant) taught us how to pick and then peel new mangoes, so we’re going to be market pros in no time.  Even better we begin our Arabic lessons on Monday, so before long we’ll be bartering and bantering with the best of them —- although the prices are so low I don’t really feel right asking for lower. I finally remembered to whip out my phone and take some pics.  I suck taking pics with the phone but here you go. 2015-01-10 11.51.06 Anyone got a taste for baby shark? 2015-01-10 12.09.47my shrimp getting beheaded (thank god) and cleaned 2015-01-10 12.09.57looks like I ‘cleaned’ this guy’s head.  The one sitting down was my guy. 2015-01-10 12.08.40  my shrimps (not shrimp) were bought here Yeah I get it looks gross like that, but it’s gonna taste good with my salad and coconut rice (why didn’t I buy saffron from the spice guy?) tonight!  So, I’m happy and content.  Tomorrow I see my students again.  The last time I taught an actual class was November 26, so let’s see how rusty I am.  It’s a good thing I’m loading up with fresh vitamins and minerals tonight —  I might need it. And if the girls are a little too excited and wear me down, I’ll just keep daydreaming about my berry bush drink at the Rotanna pool, which is just a few roundabouts away from my flat — the weekend is just a few more days away… 10550932_10205890465245792_3996984711454555441_n To my American buds I hope you’ll continue enjoying your weekend, and to my UAE buds best of luck tomorrow.  I’ll see you Thursday night or Friday.  Inshallah! p.s. I didn’t tell you my fog story on the day I drove Joe to the airport (yes I miss him), but those of you on Facebook got to read it.  My friend Suzanne lives in Abu Dhabi and has to deal with the fog.  In Al Ain we don’t get much fog, so it’s not something I deal with frequently, but it IS absolutely crazy scary — worthy of any Stephen King novel.  Here’s Suzanne’s words about what it’s like driving in it.  http://suzannainthesand.com/2015/01/09/under-the-weather/


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