1001 Arabian hits…

okay, so most of the views on my little blog come from the U.S., but whalla I hit the magical number today.  I also got an email from TeachAway telling me that my immigration documents have been sent to Abu Dhabi.  How exciting is that?  Thinking about that makes my heart pitter patter a bit faster, but it’s all good, I was brought back down to life.  Minutes later I got another email from them reminding me to actually apply for a job if I wanted to work overseas.  Huh?  Apparently, that’s just a robo email, but I had a mini oh-shit moment.

Spring break is over, and I’m pooped — and it’s only my lunch break right now.

I’m too busy to stalk blogs and online articles right now, but wow I have just two months left of teaching here, and then a few more months until I’m in Abu Dhabbi.  It’s sort of blowing me away.  This is really real…


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