Enjoying the now

It’s already Thursday!  My spring break is going by way too quickly.  I’ve slowed down to enjoy living my current life, and yet that is flying by.  I’ve hiked, I’ve cleaned house, I’ve had new carpeting put down in the bedrooms (looks like a brand-new house), and I’ve met up with old friends and new (met some Phoenix Abu Dhabi peeps — we’re all excited and overwhelmed at the same time).

The worst of work is pretty much finished — yearbook and IB assessments are completed.  So, when I go back next week it’s all about the down slope.  I think the best thing for me to do right now is just take it all in.  Enjoy everything I’m doing now, which is stuff I’ve been doing for years, and see it for the goodness that it is.  It’s a gift to have what you thought was mundane brought to a magical level.

I didn’t get to do the Sedona hike — my sons have other plans (if only they’d spend a little more time enjoying what time they have left with me, but they’re young and at that point where it’s alllll about their friends) — but that’s okay because I’ve truly been appreciating my own backyard and the hike I’ve taken soooo many times.  I’m posting some pics of my now for when I get homesick tomorrow.

Click here for what I see today — and, yes, I’m so incredibly grateful Image


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