It’s for reals now…

I’ve signed and returned my contract (after looking it over several times to make sure there were no misplaced comas or decimals in those numbers), and I’ve submitted my official resignation letter.  It was much harder than I thought it would be.  I’ve been with my district for 10 years, my current school for five.  While, I’ve had many a vent session with teacherly friends about the things I didn’t like, overall it has been a wonderful experience.  Seriously, I’m typing this from the bottom of my heart. I am so incredibly grateful for all I’ve been able to experience.  I could bore you with the list of super-cool things I got to do because of where I work, but I”ll be good and just say thank you to each and every soul who opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed — and wow am I ever a better person and teacher because of it.  So, yes, my heart pitter pattered a bit when I sent that good-bye letter.  I’m leaving a good thing.

Of course I’m also incredibly excited about where I’m going.  I’ll stay in touch with the friends I’ve made along the way — all wonderful people who will continue to teach and support me (and I, hopefully, them) wherever in the world I plop my pillow.  If you’re reading this blog, I totally expect you to come visit!  There’s always room at my place for you, and I’ll make a great tour guide.

I’ve been making new friends too.  I’ve joined several Facebook groups where I’m meeting people like me (in this first stage) and those who are already there and working.  I can tell I will not be alone, and I have a lot of adventures to look forward to — and those much-needed vent sessions.

Because my students have a lot on their plate right now (thanks to my — and, well, state/IB expectations — cooking it up) I’m back into full swing with them.  Whew!  I was worried they lost me, but I’m back to focusing on them.  I have a few more weeks of major work, and then after that it’s all (for me) fun stuff and getting things ready for next year.  Whoever gets my job will be in good shape.  I’m leaving him/her everything, including copies of my lessons, contacts, and a how-to cheat sheet.

So, right now I’m calm about the big change, and I’m here typing because I don’t really want to finish painting my bathroom — the house is getting all spruced up, so that I can put her on the market.  I guess I better get as in charge of my personal things as I am the job front…



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