I got it! Well, sort of…

The interview was a pleasant experience, although I could’ve done without all the nerves.  This is the most nervous I have ever been before a job interview.  The people from ADEC were great.  Someone in our little Facebook group described them as interviewers with grace.  They were welcoming and upfront.  During the interview they were extremely nice, but on point with ensuring we answered their questions.  It was obvious they were looking for the right people for their students not just bodies to fill vacancies.  I left feeling good about what they do while also knowing it’s going to be a wild ride.  They told us the horror stories are all true as are the great ones.  So, I know what I’m in for while at the same time not having a clue.

But yeah I got the job.  The email says I’m on the list of recommended hires and that the official offer emails will go out in a few weeks after the council has approved it all.  So, there’s always the chance I don’t get stamped by the council…

Kaylene and I had a wonderful time in Santa Monica.  It was the perfect mini mother/daughter trip.  We also met up with three of the other interviewees and had a fantastic time.  I liked them all, and I’m hoping they get their approval emails soon as well.  We could all be good friends.  There were two other people I met that I liked as well.  I hope to see them in Abu Dhabi.

The biggest shocker right now is that I am in shock.  It’s still sinking in that come August (or September) I’m moving to Abu Dhabi.  And on that note I need to get on with my day.  Wow.  I’m totally falling out of my little box here…

Oh and for my friends who are just learning about this blog because I’ve, well, not talked about it.  I’m going to teach English at an all-girls high school in the UAE.  Holy hell I’m going to be an expat teacher!


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  1. Hell, I’m excited for me being able to visit you too!


  2. Wow! Sounds like your about to embark on a great adventure! Congratulations and good luck!


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