Pressure is on…

I stumble out of my car this morning, hoist my too-heavy laptop bag over my shoulder and almost have a heart attack.

“Congratulations!” yell two of my favorite co-workers, whom I rarely get to interact with.  “We’re so excited for you.”

It’s dark, it’s early, it’s Monday.  Maybe they’re happy I made it in.

Turns out my principal mentioned in an IB planning meeting that I probably won’t be here next year because he thinks I’ll get the job.  It was brought up because my position will need to be filled, and they’ll have to find someone who can run our weekly news program, yearbook, IB film and you know the whole teaching thing.  The good news for me is the job can’t be posted until I actually resign.

“But, I haven’t gotten the job yet.”

“You will!”

Okay, so I guess the question I should ask then is who wouldn’t hire me?  I’m fabulous (except for when I’m not, and I totally have my NOT days — especially now that my mind keeps wandering).

Anyway, I’m honored the principal is rooting for me, but wow if I don’t get this job everyone will know I flubbed this interview.  Oh well. I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it, and, well, I guess I could use it as a teachable moment with my kids (show them how I move on from a failed attempt — um, while wheeping uncontrollably).

Now, all I need are my letters and authenticated papers.  I’m a little stressed over all of this.  Good news is I’m also swamped at work, so the kids will keep me busy until my little trip to L.A.

and just for the record … I am still enjoying living now (whew!).  I had a blast at the Color Run this weekend, and I’ve read there’s one in Abu Dhabi too.



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