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Jordy & Wilber’s Big Fat Gay Wedding


Woo wee did we ever have a fun time celebrating Jordan and Wilber’s nuptials in the Dominican Republic.  If their wedding is any indication of their life together, it’s going to be a whirlwind of everything.  Pool parties, boat party, beach parties, dinner parties, a surprise party, hell even acrobatic pirates, a burlesque show and an unexpected night in Columbia became part of all the fun.

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The best was all the love and laughter from friends and family who traveled from around the world to take part in solidifying their union.  Those two have the coolest people as friends, and the wedding was beautiful.  I really enjoyed getting to know Jordan and Wilber’s family, and I’m honoured that we got to share in all of their glory.  Love should be unabashedly celebrated and highlighted like it was on this trip.  It’s the best of what we humans have to offer.

I also cherished getting to spend some time with some of Jordan’s and my UAE peeps who we haven’t seen in a year.  We became each other’s support and family over there, and I so missed our time together.   I’m a lucky gal to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Joe and I also had a few moments of couple time enjoying a spa day, and strolling through the resort’s tropical landscape, beach and shhhh, even sneaking in a night-time swim in its amazing pool.

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Our anniversary was on the 16th, so it was a nice way to remind us of our own love bond and life together.  The plan was to enjoy our anniversary in Brazil with Jordan and Wilber (since we’re spending 10 days there with them in an adorable beach house in a town called the Port of Kings), BUT we had to have some drama thrown in.

Long story short our flight was delayed, which caused us to miss our connecting flight, so the airline put us all up for a night in Bogota, Columbia.  At first we were like shit yeah, another country to add to the list, but then we walked up to the gate and saw folk bundled up in fur-lined parkas.  Um, it’s winter in Columbia, and we were in tank tops, shorts and sandals because hello? it’s flipping humid and hot in Dominican Republic.  But, the Team Jordy-Wilber crew persevered and made our way to Bogota.  Luckily a Bogota winter translates to rain and temps in the 50s and 60s, so while chilly it certainly wasn’t arctic.

By the time we got to our rooms we were all exhausted, so no tour of the city the next day, but we enjoyed watching the Policia and their bomb/drug sniffing dogs work their beats near the hotel.   Joe and I walked to the nearby mall, so that I could buy a sweater, and I have never seen so many working dogs before (and I so badly wanted to scratch their necks!).  It’s a little jarring, but everyone we met was so friendly and accommodating despite the fact that we knew very little Spanish and they very little English. I doubt I’ll get the chance to come back, but I would like to tour more of Columbia —- despite the uglies that facilitate the need for all that security.

And Joe and I got to celebrate our anniversary at the hotel bar (God Bless bartenders who aren’t stingy with their gin!)  We’ve made it another year sipping, feasting, and laughing our way around this lovely little planet of ours.  And, now we get to cheer on our friends as they do the same!


Post bridezilla post


My favorite one of Joe and me, which is a hard pick because there are some great ones.

Four months later, and I’m finally able to take a look through all of the wedding pics Anna took for us.  It’s gonna take me a bit to put it all together in a photo album, and I’m trying to send everyone my fave of their pics, but it’s easier if I blast a bunch in here and if any of my friends/family would like one on the blog, just let me know and I’ll get it to you.  There are also many great ones not posted here because, well, I just can’t upload them all.

First off credit for all of these photos goes to Anna Purdy, who is based in Virginia.  If you’re interested in her work, check out her website here.

Secondly, if you’re looking to read a post about one of my great adventures, this one’s a big one for me and my family, but will probably bore those of you who don’t know us.  Hopefully, my next post will be of more interest to you.

Thirdly, I totally suck at posing for pics.  I am not a model wanna be in any way, shape or form.  Sooo kudos to Anna for getting so many lovely shots because I’m a hard one to photograph well.

Take for example this lovely pic, which through no fault of the photographer looks like I’m in phase one of zombie transformation.  How in the hell do you even get your eye to do that?


BUT, despite my whackadoodle facial expressions I got a nice assortment of 50+ year old glamour shots — ewww even have some cleavage/thigh shots (but those are Joe’s pics to keep).

dsc_9087 See not too shabby.  Thanks to Shannan for doing my hair (not finished yet in this pic) and Michelle for doing my makeup.

My absolute favourites, though, are not of me in my shiny white robe.  They are the family and friend shots, and the ones of Joe and me.  I love all of us and what we have together, so I will never get tired of looking at our group shots!

Oh how I love my zany friends

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And the women in my family/wedding party

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And the men…

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Sadly, Brian, Joe’s friend since grade school, isn’t in any of these photos, but we’ll have shots of him in the wedding album!


aw the kids and us.  I’m so thankful for all the fun and love we have together!

And, of course, some of Joe and me

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And the wedding party, which doesn’t include everyone who played a role in making our wedding weekend so fabulous…


Now all I have to do is wait two and a half months before I see my man again, and way too many months before I see the kids, but we’re always connected, and we’ll make the best of our time when we’re together.


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