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Nether, Nether lands…


I’m writing this post in a hurry because it’s Doudou time.  Omg it’s a weeklong fest that I will totally write about after I’ve recuperated.  Right now we’re living it.  Lots of party time with thousands and thousands of people.

But first I should blast you with the fun we’ve had in our neighbouring country.  A few weeks ago we did a day trip to Amsterdam and last weekend, for my birthday, Joe and I spent the weekend in The Hague, which included a stop at Kinderdijk.

We love, love, LOVE the Netherlands.  It’s beautiful, fun and friendly.  I want to tell you all about it, but I’ve got peach salsa and some other goodies to make before our friends arrive to begin the next party.  Soo, here’s the photo blast to show you that Amsterdam aint the only gem in what we call Holland.

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Windmills, art and beaches!  Den Hague and Kinderdijk.  And yeah my roots are purple.  LOL my hair is rebelling against the blonde colouring apparently — who knew it had issues?

And of course there is always Amsterdam, which is always a good time.  Because we now live so close, we’ll focus more on discovering other parts of the country, but we still heart Amsterdam too.

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Badger is away at Lorayne’s this weekend since it’d be cruel to walk him amongst the crowds.  He spent last weekend with her too.  She and Zeke are pretty much his other family right now.  All is well, Lorayne reports he’s eating salmon and watching taped basketball games.  I’ll update his blog in a few weeks.  His traveling days aren’t over; he gets to go on a trip to Germany in a few weeks and whoop it up with Mini’s dog.  A few weeks after that he gets to spend a few weeks at a doggy haven.  OMG he loves the dog sitter’s home — we’ll be sure to post pics of that on his blog too.   He’s the luckiest mutt in the world.

Until next time …


Lord I need to lay of the beer and cheese, lol me face is rounding even more.

Say Cheese!


As always lots of photo opps on the weekend.  Two weeks ago some friends and I took off for a weekend Amsterdam adventure, where they surprised me with a bachelorette party.  It started off classy with a mimosa brunch they cooked up in our cozy flat, while Ian, Charlotte and I sipped coffee at a local pub. Ian was in on the secret but Charlotte was as surprised as me when we got back because it was also her birthday weekend — so the brunch was in her honor as well.   It ended with a scavenger hunt in the red light district — bachelorette paraphernalia and all.  I didn’t have a last-days-of-single party the first time I married, so this one totally made up for it.  I bet I was the oldest bachelorette out there, but that’s okay because I had just as much fun as all the other ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ stars whooping it up in the alleyways and pubs.


Since it’s wise I don’t show off my bachelorette attire here, I’m just going to post a pic of the roses Jordan’s friend Michal blessed us with.

It was a great weekend, and I wish I could write more about all the fun we had, but some memories are just meant to be kept amongst friends.  I also wish I could write more about Amsterdam because it’s a wonderful city, but two days there isn’t enough to explore all of its wonders.  That’s okay because I plan on visiting again next summer.

Here’s just a few photos to show you some of what we did.  I’ll do the city justice next summer.

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The flight to Amsterdam had its own adventures as well.  If you’re ever in an overnight layover in Prague, look for the kids play house.  It has padded flooring, so you can crawl up in there and attempt a nap (although airport noise gets in the way).

Last weekend Shannan and I spent time with Suzanne in Abu Dhabi.  Sadly, she is moving back home in a few weeks, so we’re getting in as much Suzanne time as we can.  We’ll be there for the next two weekends and 4th of July festivities, and then I’ll have to say good bye to one of my close friends here.  It’s all good, I totally plan on visiting her back home when I get the chance, but it’s still one of the disadvantages of living here.  We all go home eventually, so goodbyes happen.  It’s tough, and I can’t imagine my Abu Dhabi weekends without Suzanne.

As for what we did this weekend, we hung out at the pool, which was so much nicer than expected.  We didn’t think we’d last long because of the heat and our inability to drink water at the pool (it’s Ramadan and illegal to eat or drink in public during daylight hours — I’ll write more about Ramadan in another post).  BUT, the pool water was chilled, so it was refreshing.  Thanks to whomever decided to treat residents to this lovely oasis!

Since we’re just a few weeks away from going home for the summer, I also wanted to buy some gifts at World Trade Center mall, where we also discovered The Hub, a new restaurant corner that includes a latin restaurant we fell in love with.  It’s not cheap, but it’s a welcome surprise for hungry, thirsty shoppers.  I totally recommend you check it out if you’re ever in that corner of the world.

And now it’s time for me to jump in the shower and get ready for work.  We’re down to our last few weeks, so before you know it I’ll be posting from Arizona again.  Until then Ramadam Kareem to my muslim friends, and whoop whoop it’s almost School’s Out to my UAE teacher friends!

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