Backyard Bliss

this is what I’ll get to see every morning for the next few days

I was going to begin this blog describing the scents and sounds of spring in the Ardennes, but then my dog got all antsy and kept running to the door. He apparently knew what I didn’t — that snow was on its way — and he is apparently a big ole wuss because it’s beautiful out there, but he’d rather huddle inside. So, if it snows while the sun is shining do we get rainbows? I’ll be sure to stop writing and snap a pic if we do.

Here you go — sometimes a video is better than a pic

We’re in Somme-Leuze, a village not too far from Durbuy. Today is my day to stay home with Badger, our senior, sometimes senile pooch. He can no longer handle real hikes, so we take turns playing puppy sitter. I’m stocked with books, my camera and laptop, and with a backyard like this I am A Ok spending quality time with my grumpy old fur ball (lol not to be confused with my husband).

He enjoyed sniffing buds before the snow/rain made it too wet for his paws.

So, we saw in the news that England is opening its pubs today. That is not yet our reality. Originally we thought they’d be back open by May 1, but rumor has it probably not until mid May. Lockdown sucks, but we are so grateful we are still allowed to escape to the Ardennes. And, um trust me, it’s not like we’re not imbibing…

That last pic is of an abandoned bar on a hiking trail we walked yesterday. Pre covid days you’d hike, bike the woods and stop here to hydrate. Oh Belgium how I heart thee — watering holes and friteries everywhere.

While I loathe Covid with all my being, I am grateful to have had this time to discover so much of Belgium. Its countryside and stone villages will forever hold a special place in my memories.

Yesterday, Scott (our cabin buddy) and I checked out a fromagerie on the Route du Fromage. We were two very happy cheeseheads in a stinky pod. Tomorrow I’d like to stroll through the streets of Durbuy. Badger can handle that. I think it’s my favorite ‘city’ in the Ardennes, but I do love them all. I don’t know how much fun it’ll be with appointment-only shops (although I bet if no one’s there I can be a drop in) and no sit-down restaurants, but like always we’ll make the best of it. We brought the bikes too, so maybe we can just ride around the river trails.

The sun is shining, and I don’t have much else to share with you. There are only so many ways a body can wax poetic about the brisk, clean air, the lush green hills and all the gifts of the countryside. It does a body and soul good each and every time. I’m happy to have the time off to enjoy it, and just as happy to also be healthy enough to enjoy it. So, despite the nasties in the world, life is still very much a good thing.

And, apparently, there are no rainbows during a sun snow shower, but that’s okay the birds are still singing and the sheep are lounging in the fields, so I still get to see a little magic. In a few days, I’ll be back in Mons getting ready for my back-to-work life.

Which also has its magic


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