From box to bottle … it’s all good

Tomorrow I go back to work after a too-short week off (aren’t they always too short?). As you already know we spent our first and last nights in Paris, and in between we toured some highlights of Bordeaux.

First off the fast train from Paris to Bordeaux (not pictured above; that’s our ride from Maubeuge to Paris) is totally worth it.  What would normally be a five-hour drive, took less than three on the train, and you can drink as much as you want because when you arrive in Bordeaux the tram system is super easy and super cheap, so all is right with the world.

Another plus is going in February:  no crowds but all that sweat, glorious wine and cheese and yummy goodness.

In places that look like this.

We lucked out that our first two days the weather was great.  Day one we walked alongside the river and nibbled on shrimp and beer, and then popped into one cafe after another aimlessly picking out wines by carafe or glass.

It wasn’t until our tour to St Emilion and the wine museum that we learned how to read labels and decipher good from great.

Even these old vines are dancing with joy over our newfound wisdom.

These younger ones now know we’ll still sip from them when saving money, but ew lah lah when we’re feeling like a splurge we’ll put them on hold.


That said no matter how much we splurge, we’ll never be able to afford these babies.  The most expensive wine in the world is born in this region, and it’s now a life goal to one day see if I can finagle a sip.


Until then, I’ll just keep buying what I can from the less-exclusive barrels (seriously though just inches away from the elite ones; they share the same rain, sun and soil).  And aww look a Mama and her babies…

St Emilion is a lovely little town, but because we were on a tour we didn’t get to meander and check out the shops and restaurants embedded in its corners. My credit card is saddened it didn’t get to come out and play.


The next time I go to Bordeaux, I’ll want to tour the wines in the Medoc region since I seem to like those more, but all is well I have some good St. Emilion bottles waiting to be served.  La Cite du Vin, also known as a wine museum or amusement park, within the city of Bordeaux is also a treat where we get to learn about wine through interactive exhibits.

As you can see we saved this experience for a rainy day, which was perfect.

Because hello?  Wine and inside exhibits rock.  And while meandering inside we were spared the alien invasion that must have took place.

We also missed out on the drunk shark attack.  Sooo lots of wine and interesting sights, but no drama, which are always the right ingredients for a great vacation. Here’s some pics of the actual city of Bordeaux.  Sadly, I didn’t take many good ones (hmmm I wonder why).


Alas it’s time to go back to reality and grade papers, plan lessons, stay sober.  But, it’s all good because spring break is just five weeks away.

Come on Spring flowers and please no late-season snow showers (unless it’s a blizzard that gives me more time at home in my jammies).














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