Happy Whatevs…


Just checking in to let the folks back home know everything is peachy over here.  I had started to write something on Sunday, but I was too busy sipping kir royals and dancing around my place while cooking up a stew (in my purple Le Creuset that I bought at the factory in France — hahaha other girls can have their Channel and Dior, I’m all about cookware you could pull a muscle lifting), catching up with friends and doing mundane Sunday-type things — and perfectly happy doing so!

I also made some new friends and had a last-minute happy hour at my place, which was a lot of fun.  I’ve been humiliating myself at Zumba, and I’ve been pushing my students with literary theory, WW1 research and, oh my goodness, even attempting a little literary analysis, with the lower level ESL kids, which is cruel of me, but we all seem to be enjoying (notice how I convince myself they’re liking it too) multi-level thinking and discussions.  I love this shit.  So all is right in my world.

I won’t be watching tonight’s State of the Union because, well, I’ll be sleeping when it takes place, and I want to stay on the ‘expanding our minds’ track, plus the odds are it’ll just pull me out of my happy place — but I could be wrong.  Here’s to hoping I am!

And onto even bigger news: Joe and Badger arrive in LESS than two weeks.  This living in Belgium thing is happening for them soon too!  Since it’s pre-work hours, I’ll have to raise my coffee (and save the champagne glass for much, much later) to celebrating whatever it is that makes us all happy.  Here’s to the normal-day things that make life peachy!



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  1. Happy Birthday to my baby brother!

    Love reading your posts Bettina!

    Liked by 1 person

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