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Oh this moving thing is always a bumpy ride.  Add moving to a second floor apartment on a street like above, and you run into some extra issues.  You see the stairwell and elevator are too small to lug up furniture, so delivery trucks need to use an “outdoor lift” to haul it in through my front windows.  But, in order to do that, a large spot in front of building needs to be off limits to others for parking, which I thought my landlord was reserving for me.  I was mistaken.  I need to learn French STAT!  The department you call to do this needs 5 days advance notice.  Luckily, I discovered this on Friday, unfortunately an Ikea delivery was scheduled for Monday.  Lol back to sort of luckily, I called Ikea to reschedule and they were just about to call me to let me know that they couldn’t come Monday anyway, so now that delivery is scheduled two weeks away! Um, I will be without a bed longer than I like now.


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I’m still taking Monday off because I have two other deliveries being made on Monday that don’t require the lift thingie but do require me being home.  Guess whose buying herself an air mattress this weekend?

That said I’m still excited to be moving into my place TODAY.  Woo hoo! And, despite the setbacks, I’ve been getting a lot accomplished these past two weeks:  got my Belgian ID in the works so that I could set up my local bank accounts, so that I could pay my deposit and first month’s rent. I set up an Internet and mobile plan, rented a car and I’m in the process of checking out cars to buy, while my driver’s license class/test is on Tuesday.

I don’t know when my furniture shipment from America will arrive, but the Ikea shipment includes a sleep sofa for the guest room and some other things that will tie me over until the rest of my furniture arrives (if I’m lucky maybe at the same time?).  Basically, my place will be bare bones for a bit, but it’s all good I’m getting that much closer to leading a ‘normal’ life.  FYI I could borrow a bed for free from the base’s loaner program, but I’ve decided it’s just easier to do it the air mattress way because I don’t want to have to worry about being home for the bed’s return pickup within its 90 days return policy.  I did, however, take advantage of being able to borrow a washer and dryer for the life of my lease —- how cool is that?!

But, enough on my move (I’ll post pics next post), on the work front there’s plenty good to share.  I work a block schedule, so I don’t have the same kids every day, that said some of my students are in all three of my classes, some are in two, a few are just in my seminar (study hall/tutoring) class.  Each class I teach a day is different because I have history, English and ESL, so it’s never the same lesson period to period.  I see my ESL kids every day, and while it’s a small class I have two different sessions going on because two of my kids are in the early phase of learning English, while the others are a year or two ahead of them.   Long story short:  I’m busy, busy, busy, but never stale or bored, and I’m really enjoying what I teach.  I wish I could tell you more about the kids because their personalities and cultural nuances keep it fun and interesting, but I don’t want them to ever feel like I’m blabbering their stories all over the internet — just know that I’m glad to once again get the privilege to work with cool kids.  My school is one of a variety of countries’ schools on campus, and last week the entire campus celebrated 50 years of the International School being open.  All the schools took part in a parade and group panoramic while kids waved flags from all the different countries.  It was so cute seeing the elementary kids from the U.K. school in their little uniforms proudly waving their flags.   Some of our Polish students became Captain Poland by wrapping their flags around them.   For me it was pretty darn awesome to see children from all these nationalities together just having fun and being kids — if only it could always be this easy.

On Thursday the entire campus celebrated International Teacher’s Day.  The kids were given a day off, so that we could use the morning to catch up on some mandatory trainings and then eat lunch with all of the other teachers.  I got to meet some German English teachers who’ve been here the same amount of time as me, and who also live just a few blocks from me.  New friends in the making?  I hope so.

I’m sometimes frustrated with all that still needs to be done and the things that pop up that I didn’t know I needed to know, but I no longer feel overwhelmed.  I know that by the time this semester ends I will be settled and ready to begin the next one, hopefully, rested and organised.  Oh, and on that note I bought my ticket home for Christmas, so woo hoo the countdown to see my family again is back on.

And, if I want to meet my landlord at 10 a.m. to pick up my keys, I better finish packing up this hotel room and begin the big move.  Can’t wait to show you my new home pics — hahaha bare bones and all.

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