My Mundane



I see camels every day on my work commute, so you’d think I get tired of seeing them.  Nope.  Here they are sunning themselves on a Dubai beach.

Work is finally easy again, and I have a week and a few days before I’m on spring break, so woo hoo to that.  It’s much needed after surviving inspection week, and then final marking, plus a night class and an online class I need to try and finish before Michelle arrives next week.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with the kind of stuff we do here.  I’ve happy houred with friends, I’ve cooked yummy, healthy meals, lol and I’ve gone out and ate yummy non healthy meals, I’ve  eaten dinner and watched movies/t.v. with friends, I’ve treated myself to an amazing spa day, and I’ve gone to Dubai and beached it, chilled with friends.  Basically doing my version of the mundane, which will transition into another version of mundane in about 5 months.   Good news is I love my routine, every day stuff because boring it aint.


Karak and roses the day after inspections ended.  I will never tire of the girls giving me flowers.  The tea cart coming around was a treat from our admin, and in case they’re reading — I’d never tire of receiving that every day either!


Free veggies from a stranger!  I’ve discovered a cauliflower alfredo sauce that is to die for and made roasted beets and broccoli — yum, yum.  Now, if only I could keep enjoying the veggies and stay away from the breads and pastries I might actually get rid of my buddha belly.  But, alas, I’m a locust I eat everything in sight.


Oh Dubai … you’re so random.  So, if you cross between the creek/marina area and Jumeirah beach you might find some interesting cross guards to help you out.  Of course traffic wasn’t a problem this time of the morning, but thanks dudes for being willing to take one for the team in case a speeder decided not to stop!

Kicking up my feet and relaxing in Dubai.  LOL um those are penguins on my feet — not the best nail art considering when you look down they look more like cartoonish burqas.  Totally NOT my intent!


Oh Dubai you’re also oh so beautiful … just our view during a morning walk.

spa me

Me all clean and spiffy after a hammam, massage and facial!


Me before my spa day!

And that’s all I’ve got for you now, but lots of fun things planned the next few weeks, so hang in there I’m sure I’ll have more to post soon.


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