Waiting on dirham day…


Luckily pay day is tomorrow because this lil traveler is down to her last fils.  It’s all good because being broke forced me to have a low key weekend, which worked out just fine for me.  Some friends came over Thursday night and we whooped it up with apps, bevies, gossip and games in my living room.  Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, time alone with the girls is always one of the best ways to recharge and love life.

Yesterday I never even left my apartment — um didn’t even bother to change pajamas.  I used the day to clean a little, grade a lot, and plot and plan my December break.  So far the only thing that’s official is Joe is going to Iceland.  His ticket (and some of our lodging) is booked; mine is not yet.  That’s because I’m trying to find the best deal for me without the hellish layovers (I really am over sleeping in airports!), and I’m trying to work out where I’m going before I meet up with Joe.  Long story short I’d like to fit in a quick visit to my family in Germany, but don’t think I can, and I’d also like to check out Finland and Sweden before meeting my man.  Sadly, he cannot spend all of my vacation time with me.  So yeah finding the right airline booking — and finishing my grading — is what stresses me out.

But it won’t for long because in a few hours I’ll be chilling at the pool with some friends.  I can’t spend another day without getting some sun and sand on my face.  And that’s pretty much life on my end right now.  Next weekend a few of us are sharing an apartment in Dubai to do some beach and shopping time (so I can be broke again).  I’m searching for waterproof hiking boots and snow pants — lol don’t think I’ll find those in Al Ain.  How cool is it that in the same weekend I’ll swim in the Arabian Gulf while also shopping for snow gear?

And, I’m really, really, really freaking excited about the Iceland trip!  We might even get the chance to hike into an ice cave.  Yeah, yeah I know it’s dark most of the time and it’ll be cold, but I live with hot and sun, so bring on Winter.




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