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While all sorts of uglies have literally blown up around the world (including my country), I’ve been spending the past few weeks busy, busy, busy catching up and bonding with my loved ones.  My heart aches for those who suffer, while my soul savours every second I get to spend with my people. Thank you to the powers that be for these precious times in my life!

In the spirit of loving and laughing, Joe and I had our wedding ceremony, and it was exactly as it should be:  many of our closest people pulled together to celebrate all of us (and thanks to technology we were able to also include those who couldn’t make the trip).  The flowers, the cabin, the woods, the decorations, the festivities, all of it was the perfect mix of all that is right in our world.  Our photographer is busy sorting through all the lovely photos she took of us, so I don’t have those yet to share, but here’s a bunch from friends and family.  I nabbed photos from here and there, so I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know who took what pics (very few posted are from me).  BUT, credits go to Ericka, Monica, Steve, Michelle, Shannan, Trisha, Derek, Tracy, Diana, and darn it all I bet I’m forgetting someone.  And, of course, the bridezilla in me will post more pics when I get them.

Pre Wedding fun:  I’ve been celebrating this upcoming ceremony for months, but the fun in the states began a week before the wedding.  It started off in Virginia, then ended up at my place in Phoenix, then caravanned four hours away to Show Low, Arizona, then back to my place.  Here’s just a glimpse of some of it all, but know the best shots are still in my hard drive… Oh and Joe had his fun with the boys too, but they’re not much for picture taking.

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The cabin!  I have to show a slide show just on where we spent our 4-day weekend.  The first two nights were all about whooping it up and decorating, third night was the big ceremony, and the 4th night was just for Joe and me.  We’re so doing a family reunion here again!

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For some reason I don’t have pics of upstairs game room or the THREE master suites — all of which include jacuzzi tubs.  Joe’s and mine had a double tub, and you bet we sipped champagne in that bad boy!

Wedding Prep:  Decorating and getting things ready was all part of the fun, and everyone pitched in!  I just randomly nabbed people’s pics on this.  There are way better shots of all the fun we had.  Seriously the two days of prep that led up to the big day were simply awesome.  THIS is what family (and that means good friends too) functions are all about.  I love you all!

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The wedding.  Again, there are so many more pics that tell the story, but I don’t have them yet.  Our photo album will do a better job of including everyone and everything.

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I can’t thank, love and hug all who attended (in spirit, online and in person) enough.  Now, I’m spending the days packing up the house while Joe is at work.  Soon, my house will go on the market and Joe will retire and, well, the next chapter in our lives will begin.  BUT, the fun times will continue.  What lucky, blessed folk we are!

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  1. Not sure I’ve ever seen a happier group of people! Such a gorgeous setting and the bride looked absolutely smashing! All the best to you & Joe!!


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