As-salamu alaykum

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It’s Ramadan.  Real Muslims use this time to get closer to God.  Blowing oneself up to murder people doesn’t accomplish that goal.  This type of thing is as anti Islam as it is anti Christian — regardless of what heretic leaders of any religious sect might say to manipulate their followers into terrible acts that must make God cry.

I am horrified once again to wake to news that another place I have visited has been attacked.  It’s always terrible to read of these things, but human nature makes it even more so when you have broken bread with people of that land.  Just this week alone I’ve read about attacks in Lebanon and now Turkey, as well as in places I haven’t yet been.  Yeah, yeah I know these areas are frequent targets, but that doesn’t make it any less horrific — especially when you’ve laughed alongside their people and watched their children play.

Having this happen during Ramadan makes it even more disturbing because Ramadan is about respecting and, most importantly, living the words of God.  Sacrifice takes place to better emphasize with those who do without regularly and to remember the power of charity.  So I imagine this must bruise the hearts and souls of my Muslim brothers and sisters.

I’m sharing this because of a few comments I’ve read this morning, which only exasperates a chasm amongst us — mankind — that just doesn’t need to be there.   Our words can be as counterproductive as those idiotic suicide bombs (look at some of the issues we’re voting on and decisions being made based on angry words), and they can be as powerful as the love of our chosen God (or person if you’re not into the whole spiritual being thing).  We’ve gotta get a grip on our species and reign in our hatred for one another and, you know, do the whole good humanity thing. Racism, Xenophobia, and all the other isms and obias out there that divide us needs to be put in check — wish I could believe it’d be possible to eradicate it, but looks like we’re a long way from that.  But, we can put a leash on it and tell it to back the eff down.  (out of respect to Ramadan I’m also watching my language)

As-salamu alaykum is a common Arabic greeting.  It is the first thing Arabs will say when they enter a room.  It is what I hear every time an announcement is made over the PA system at work.  It means Peace Be Upon You.  Sometimes the greeting is shortened to Salam, which means peace.

So, while it is a greeting, I’m choosing to end my post with a wish that peace be upon all of you and your loved ones.  We need our peace to be bigger than our hate.  Seriously folk we’re tearing ourselves apart here; we can do better.


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