From my moon to yours…


My man watching the moon rise in Arizona — a few years ago


that glorious moon

Thursday was a super busy day at work.  The 12th grade English teachers threw an afternoon party for our seniors, including an academic awards ceremony.  We wore ourselves out managing the thing, but it was worth it to see the girls having fun being girls — watch out when you throw a tug-of-war rope into the mix; or tie their ankles for three-legged races.  Sadly, it’s back to exam prep tomorrow, but for now it’s still the weekend.

Thursday night I was too exhausted to want to leave my place, but it’s all good because Shannan came over so we could feast on pizza, inhale shisha and watch Game of Thrones episodes (can you tell we’re looking forward to the new season?).  All was right with the world until one of us decided to scan Facebook and see that Prince had died.  Two days later, and I’m still in shock.  I get it … he wasn’t someone I actually knew, but Good God he was Prince — an icon of my high school/ early college and beyond days (not to mention an unbelievably gifted, innovative soul).  I remember how excited my cousins from New York and I were the day we drove to Richmond — ewww an hour drive by ourselves! — to see Purple Rain.  And I couldn’t tell you how many times I danced to 1999, Let’s Go Crazy, Darling Nikki, and the list goes on.

He was also only 57 — the same age as my man; same age (or close to it) as many of my friends.  Yeah, yeah I know we’re no longer the young fools shaking our hips to Prince tunes, but hello we’re still young enough TO shake our hips (and then wish we hadn’t the next morning).

Yesterday, I spent the day on Saadiyat Beach with Suzanne and Craig, and later a few more friends joined us at her apartment.  It shouldn’t be a surprise then that, of course, we played Prince songs while feasting on apps and enjoying glimpses of the full moon’s reflection kiss the Arabian Gulf.

This morning I read a message from Joe telling me that he was outside with the dogs and cat huddled by his feet, watching the full moon, and thinking of me.  We are not the couple that comes to people’s minds when they think of romantic or sexy, but me oh my we do know how to enjoy our sun and moon time — and we sure do love each other. I miss my man and cannot wait to see him again this summer.  We’re so lucky to have our time together, and that we shine when doing mundane things like sitting outside with the pets and just watching time go by.  March 2017, when he finally retires, cannot get here quick enough.  Although I type this knowing that all of us must enjoy the minutes we have while we have them, and I do — while at the same time looking forward to Inshallah all the time ahead of me (I’m two dimensional, what can I say?).

In honor of my man and The man, I leave you with this:

Nothing Compares to U (Prince & Jennifer Hudson singing it in concert)

p.s. sorry about the bad video, but you get the point.






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