Michelle’s trip….

DSC06464 Well, hello there Darlink!.

As you all know, Michelle came to visit back in March.  We posted some Facebook pics along the way, but I’ve been promising a rundown of some of what we did — just to give my future visitors a taste of what to expect (heaven help my wallet and liver!).  Basically, besides the Jordan trip, we surrounded ourselves with luxury, good food and friends.

IMG_1052  2015-03-24 15.08.37

Abaya fashion in front of the grand mosque.  I like having a shayla on in the wind, but I could do without the abaya when it’s hot.  But, it’s worth sweating  a little to hear the call to prayer while in the grand mosque.

IMG_1148 DSC06635  DSC06558DSC06565DSC06568


Gold-laced coffee, pastries and gold vending machines are totally in at the Emirates Palace, a 7 star hotel with a price tag to match.  FYI:  I’m so excited to be spending a night there in June thanks to a sale for gulf residents.  It’s still expensive, but Shannan and I can afford to splurge and split the cost — something we wouldn’t be able to do with their normal prices.

IMG_1205  DSC06690

DSC06705IMG_1233IMG_1222the view of the hotel’s beach through one of their windows — cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to go there in a few weeks.

DSC06666 Boat docks near Intercontinental (where I ‘lived’ my first week in Abu Dhabi).  These two are dangerous together.  They wanted to hop on a yacht …. they had to settle for a quick foot on the boat shot.

DSC06654 One of our Abu Dhabi nights began at a Brazilian restaurant, where beefcakes cut up sizzling meat in front of us — don’t know which made us drool more.  Why yes that is a slab of beef covering Shannan’s face.

DSC06650  DSC06676 DSC06664 will never tire of sipping cocktails and enjoying this view.


Another Abu Dhabi night we celebrated Shannan’s birthday at Burlesque in the Viceroy.  We loved staying there.

DSC06472 DSC06516

When we weren’t doing the posh and nonfamous, we spent time lounging on the beach or at a pool.

IMG_1019 IMG_1270 IMG_1269some Abu Dhabi beach views.

It wasn’t all glamour and parties though.  We spent some time in Al Ain as well.  Michelle got to visit my school, a student’s house and my favorite local spots.  I’ve decided it’s a good thing I don’t live in Abu Dhabi city because let’s face it I’d be totally broke whooping it up way more than I can afford.  Here’s a link to the blog Michelle and I wrote about visiting my student:  Home Visit

And, here’s a link to Michelle’s post about visiting my school:  School Visit

DSC07111 DSC07093

And then, of course, there was Dubai.  We loved the shisha stage we got to sit on.  There’s so much more I could share, but I’ve got to get on with the day.  I know there are better pics I could post, but there are hundreds to sift through.  Hopefully, one day I’ll organize it all.

Until next time, here’s a healthy fruit shot to all of you (seriously no liquor in this one).  Cannot wait wait to share this with my next visitor, whomever you may be!

2015-03-20 13.59.01


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