things are heating up in Al Ain…

2015-02-13 18.07.58How can you have a bad weekend when you have churros and chocolate?

I’m pleased to see that Al Ain is booking more social events — or it could be these things have happened before, and I’m just now noticing it.  Either way, we’re finding more fun stuff to do — yay!

As for my headline, it’s literally heating up.  It’s Valentines weekend, and we’re back to putting on the a/c.  Um, this kind of sweating isn’t what one hopes to be doing in February.  That said I need to stop because I could be stuck in a blizzard, and this is much better.

So, as for this weekend, we had a food truck festival in a local park.  Apparently, a group of food trucks were shipped in from the U.K., and they’re touring the UAE — this weekend it was our turn to have them.  It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was fun to get out on a Friday night and mingle with expats and locals.  Bands played, vendors sold us food and drinks, and people were forced to chat with one another while either standing in line or looking for a chair.  My kind of night — especially since we added shisha and bevies near the Rotanna pool later on.

2015-02-13 18.16.25 2015-02-13 19.13.33 our cute lil food boys.  Cheese man was working his buns off getting all the grilled cheese orders right — his sandwiches were our favorite.  Pizza boy had fun with his customers while pulling hot pizza out of a flaming oven in a truck.

2015-02-13 18.10.23  The Indians next store, however, probably didn’t like having pizza people as their neighbors — we can buy Indian food on any corner here, so people lined up for pizza not naan (although did have some yummy naan and butter chicken Thursday night — hmmmm and may go get some again later today).

2015-02-13 19.15.39 2015-02-13 18.39.29 Cute younger boys were fun to watch too.  Jalen, Sangita’s son, never ceases to entertain, even when sipping a soda.  And, I don’t know who drooled more that little boy staring at the pastries or me. Of course I want whatever was in the middle row.


2015-02-13 18.28.01 2015-02-13 18.02.35

Shannan looking good in the daisy dress — we both ended up buying the same dress and almost wore it on the same day, but whew! last-minute wardrobe change  (and a warning text) spared the crowd two hotties — our little town can only handle so much excitement in one day.

Today, I’m taking it easy — maybe I’ll go to the pool, maybe not.  It’s so nice to just chill and not worry about anything, which is great because I could be thinking about how much I’d love to be home with my loved ones.  It’s Joe’s birthday and Valentines today, but instead I’m relishing some much needed rest and relaxation (the work week leading up to this was more stressful than normal, but we’re good now).

And, of course, I miss and love you all!

Happy Valentines Day, my habibity  and habibi — let’s hope I got that right (for all I know I’ve mistranslated that into something sinful).

And a big ole Happy Birthday to my luv muffin — see you this summer.




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