Joe’s visit

My man is in town, and we’ve been having a great time.  We’ve done so much that it’s hard to tell you all about it.  So, I will blast you with photos because, well, that’s what it’s all about. Here’s an outline to help you out.

Dubai —  I had to work his first two days here, so we hung out at my place, but on his third day we headed for the big city. Mail AttachmentJumeirah beach photo station

DSC06158 Sangria by the pool

DSC06151 Spent a good chunk of a day discussing philosophy and world politics with our South African bartender in an “American” bar

DSC06148 DSC06136 My big man meets the burjDSC06134 Sandmen!DSC06140 DSC_0324the Dubai fountains before they perform DSC_0313 View from the tallest building in the worldDSC06102 DSC06089 DSC06064 DSC06050 Santa at the ski area in Emirates Mall

DSC06033um, this window display makes me wonder what’s above not below my bed!

Christmas:  We went to the pork store and bought Westphalian ham, french ham and, you know, yummy pork products for our Christmas eve buffet.  Shannan and Lisa came over, and after getting bored with watching the fire crackle on the t.v. screen we watched Trains, Planes and Automobiles (Does “those aint pillows” ever get old?).  Next day, we went to watch my carpool buddy’s husband compete in an international equestrian show (where I didn’t take a single photo — what was I thinking?!).  Both days were lots of fun — best way to spend my first Christmas away from home

. xmas3 xmas2 10868278_10205820071966755_5331708340167006196_nphotos taken by Lisa or Shannon, Joe took the last one

xmas1see those paintings on the wall … they’re finally hung thanks to Joe!  He bought me a drill, so I can make holes in these concrete walls — yee haw!  More art to be bought and hung.

The wild west and camel fest:  The western region of Abu Dhabi is rural, and more conservative than Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  It’s more remote location borders Saudi Arabia.  Every year about this time in Madinat Zayed is the Al Dhafrah Camel Festival, which celebrates Bedouin heritage, but is mostly known for its camel beauty contest, which holds lucrative prizes for the winners.  We booked a room for one night at the Mirfa hotel on the coast, but ended up spending two nights there because we had way more fun than anticipated.  You just never know who you will bump into in the middle of the desert, but from our experience it’s all good

. DSC_0431Our guide is also a freshmen at ASU.  His family’s camels came in second place last year, and he’s home on break.  In a few days he’ll be back in Arizona studying chemical engineering.  To my kids and former students, say hi to him if you run into each other on campus!

DSC_0376This man’s beauties were feisty, but they seemed to love him. DSC_0407 watch this, she doesn’t suspect a thing…DSC_0409 camel kiss! DSC_0334 I floss!DSC_0331

DSC_0315 hahaha the camel is like what is your problem?10868110_10205848256111341_7136676406049179811_nWe got to sit on thrones and drink Arabic coffee while waiting for our personal tour guide.  How cool is that?

10888879_10205854825315567_8076258252273300060_nOur rooms weren’t ready yet, so we went into the hotel pub for lunch.  Um, we didn’t leave until many hours later, but we did make new friends with a Finn and a Scott.  I believe a man from Poland took this photo for us.

10888596_10205837439160924_7262348456062304010_n 10420782_10205837436480857_1023469910066742670_n 10891783_10205837435200825_3462452403578316491_n Jenga and pool games!  541603_10205854825675576_4630327988748687093_n DSC06216Camel bling at the souk. Sunrise photos taken by Lisa. Um, I was still sleeping

1508560_10205844629620681_3506620783295730276_n 10407675_10205844632780760_9037566073107755614_n 10891667_10205844633020766_1149680632027322855_n  10388123_10205854831595724_8322861635404653992_n

Absolutely love the tranquility of this beach.  I’ll be back when I need time to just chill and breathe.

My man taking a moment to contemplate all the food we just consumed at a brunch buffet at the Liwa hotel, which is stunning (sorry didn’t take much photos there). DSC_0433 Our time together has been wonderful.  We have just a few more days together, and then it’s back to him working on one continent and me another, but we’ll meet again somewhere else on this planet come July.  Good news is he’s totally cool with making the big move after he retires next year.  I see many, many wonderful travels in our future! Before then, though, we have some more sightseeing to do here.  We’re not going to Dubai for New Years.  Instead, we opted to join friends on a desert safari/camping trip.  I’m sure a good time will be had by all. Click here if you want to see more photos…


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