Mama did a wadi!


Quick.  Someone call my son in Colorado and tell him there are photos on the Internet of his mother doing a wadi.  Of course, while my version also includes water, it is not the same thing he has in mind.  But, it’ll get him online reading my blog.  And, he would’ve loved my version too.

So, I had a fantastic weekend.  It began Thursday night with me winning a, um, massager with attachments and infrared lighting (or whatever the red light is called).  I guess if anyone were to win such a thing at a teacher happy hour in the Middle East it would be me.  After that little shindig we went to my absolute favorite place to hang out in Al Ain, the Leisure Center.  It’s this huge place with a beautiful patio area.  People lounge and smoke shisha, sip tea, listen to the two-man band (one with a violin, the other with a keyboard), talk, laugh, and eat really good food.  Shannan, one of my new friends, and I are totally working toward making it our Thursday night hangout.  Afterward, we went into Daiso, an Asian version of the Dollar Tree, and saw the creepiest Santa ever.

2014-11-20 21.31.26 This photo doesn’t do him justice.  One eye is way bigger than the other, and his eyebrows look like leeches.  But, we appreciate the effort, and I bought some cute christmas decorations in there.

Friday I hiked “the steps” with Lisa, my neighbor/buddy, stopped to get breakfast at La Brioche, cleaned house and then went out with the girls to watch the third Hunger Games movie.  When you buy movie tickets here you pick your seat and an usher with a flashlight walks you to your seat.  This is a chatty culture, so don’t expect everyone in the theater to stop talking when the movie starts.  That said when the really intense scenes were on, everyone shut the hell up and held their breath —- even those of us who read the books.  Great movie, and I’m glad I got talked into going.  Afterwards, we hung out at Trader Vics patio, which overlooks a nice pool area, and had mojitos and dinner.  Perfect day.

Today was even better.  We joined Al Ain Weekenders on a trek to find a few wadis in the Oman mountains.  A wadi is a pocket of water you can swim in.  Well, some don’t leave you much room for swimming, but others go on for quite a long ways.  We hiked to two small ones, but it was still worth it.  Folks who came in cars were able to drive to the first spot, but the second place we drove to was 4-wheel drive vehicles only, and trust me it was an experience.  I’m tired, so let me stop writing and just post some of the pics.

DSC_0253 our little caravan.  As you can see we are in the middle of nowhere. DSC_0106

DSC_0035_2 Amy, me and one of the cutie pies who made the hike.DSC_0029_2Another cutie pie and me rushing into the cold water.DSC_0021_2

DSC_0020 Shannan checking out the calcium pond10309517_10205530809255368_7955231759095446579_nLisa’s photo of pond

10424323_10205530812015437_3494780753491844954_n Lisa’s photo of the group. Wait, Lisa is in pic too.  Maybe Shannan took this.  Sorry, trying to give credit where it’s due.  Someone took it!

10388178_10205530808375346_7219037708895209292_nhahaha Lisa’s photo of Oman’s Angels 10678798_10205530804495249_315723873301145358_nand her photo of me taking a pic of her.  Um, of course mine was out of focus.  My eyes are going on me!

DSC_0065swimmers and a local man making sure we made it.  Okay, so he was out enjoying the sites as well.

DSC_0075 DSC_0070

We weren’t the only ones treading water.


Just because I’m not impressed doesn’t mean I won’t eat it…okay, fake eat it.

DSC_0097 DSC_0086

Amy, another Arizona girl, is far more adventurous on the rocks than I was.

DSC_0103 DSC_0077 DSC_0077Green!  It’s so much nicer when you hardly see it.

DSC_0216 DSC_0198_2we’re on top of the world!

DSC_0240but you kind of wonder what happened to whatever was tied to the end of that rock.  There is a very steep cliff a few inches away.

DSC_0293 DSC_0132 DSC_0116A small house, an Omani family in the middle of nowhere, and they gave us directions on how to get to where we wanted to be.  Notice how Amy’s little mirror guy is swinging. There are no pictures that can do the drive to our second spot justice.

DSC_0123Even the goat was like, “Bitch, you’re crazy driving here.”

DSC_0197 DSC_0190

But, we all survived, and it was a beautiful day.

Now, if Thursday would just hurry up and get here so that I can get back to enjoying my weekend!


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