Pumpkin spice and all the little things that make it nice…

DSC05613love looking at this while watching movies.

So what did I do Halloween weekend?  I bought stuff for my apartment, drank too much fermented grape juice and took pictures of new stuff, watched a little t.v. and totally enjoyed my alone time.  Don’t worry I didn’t turn into a hermit and avoid everyone.  Thursday night I went out to dinner with a friend and Halloween morning my neighbor baked brownies for everyone (and then for dinner treated me to shwarmas and hummus) .  I love my little complex —- it’s like living in a dorm hall except we have much nicer stuff and our own homes, but there’s always someone to hang out with when needed.

Today is our version of a Sunday, and I sort of did what I’d do back home on a Sunday.  I went to Starbucks and bought a pumpkin spice latte and sipped it out on my balcony. First of November and we finally have a bit of a cool breeze going —- yes!  Later on I’m cooking dinner and watching something on HBO with some of my friends (Shannon if you’re reading this, I’ve got dinner covered).

I’ll get back to whooping it up next weekend, but for now I’m so enjoying time at home.  Sorry there’s nothing wild and crazy to report to you, but here are some of those pics I took Halloween night.  Hahahaha the scary part was me forgetting there’s a shower hole on the other side of my shower curtain and almost knocking myself out snapping a shot of my sassy sprayer. See the danger I put myself into just to show my new normal to you guys back at home…


My sprayer.  I thought of putting a face on it.


Um, I may have gone a little overboard with wall stickers


My new hand-made bed spread.  I love it!


My little rental all by her lonesome.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who stayed home Halloween night. No parking spots available!  Oh wait, um, folks probably took cabs.

DSC05621 DSC05619

The new welcome mat to pigeon balcony.  It only cost me $3.  Score!  And another bed shot with my new pink balcony chairs — I take them in because those pigeons are out to ruin my happiness.  I will win our ongoing battle — eventually.

DSC05607 my new purple/burgundy rug.  It’s so soft.  love, love, love it!

DSC05617 my cheery guest bathroom.  Nothing new in here, well, I guess everything in there IS new, but I bought that stuff last month.  Love my poppies growing out of the commode — thanks Ikea for getting me started on the whole wall sticky thing.

DSC05618eating area in my kitchen.  Oh and I have more stickies to show off.

DSC05615 ta da …. corner of my living room.  Not shown are the hallway stickies and the dandelions in guest room.  You’ll have to come visit to see those.

DSC05612 DSC05611living room at night.  I guess I should’ve straightened out that blanket, but now you see how cozy it is.  All I need are some things to hang on the walls, and I’m finally finished decorating.

DSC05616I finally have real dining chairs!

DSC05629 DSC05628

Apparently I had a little too much time on my hands because I guess I thought it was a good idea to take close ups of my carpets, so I could show off how soft they are, AND the fact that I have red and purple carpets — go me!

Okay, that’s enough of my boring you with all the little things that make my home a happy place.  Time to get some stuff ready for work tomorrow and then read for fun.  yay!


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